Friday, January 15, 2010

The blog post in which I cleverly link my favourite blogs

**with one of my favourite posts by them

When I get on the computer and I need a good cup of tea,
I head over to Messie's house and I read on with great glee

When I'm in search of bran bars and wise words
I go here for the tasty treats and paintings of birds

Does chalk paint have a use? Oh, you betcha!
And check out all the other things that she has sketch-ahed

Encouragement for a Jesus-loving Mom
Can be found on this site along with a song

My new blogging buddies are in different phases of life

A new blogger on the block who is finding her voice
She likes to be real and finds time to rejoice

I go here for happy doodles and fun recipes
And spend time on here-projects with ease

My secret best friend (if she only knew)
Has a door on her wall and nest eggs so blue

For the best homeschool idea sites go to number Se7en
And this gal is my Unschooling heaven!

By my favourite, most favourite, is the girl who wears pink
For she writes what she does and all that she thinks
(She needs 5 links for you to really capture her uniqueness)


sara's art house said...

I am so honored! Thanks for loving my blog! And I can't wait to see what you do with chalkboard paint!!!!!!!!!

se7en said...

Very clever post, Love It!!! Thanks a million!!!

Anonymous said...

aw you linked meee!

thankyou so much :D xx

Anonymous said...

I love links! The blog world is soooo big!

Connie said...

Thank you for your visit. I enjoyed stopping in and finding your humor, your honesty, your searching, and your clever approaches to life!

Camie said...

Great links! And thank-you for posting mine! xox