Monday, May 19, 2008

The art of taking a photo with Ed

I have an aunt named Edie. We all call her Ed.
She is such a fun lady. She is the aunt who has travelled around the world and has her own slide projection machine. If I had had the time this trip round I would have made her set up the slide projector and dig out the slides of the archaleogical dig in Israel, the trip to visit our missionary cousins in Indonesia, the California trip with my Grandma and, of course, always a hit with the kids: the photos of the giraffes licking her head in Africa.

She is a pro at taking pictures...and hiding in them! Here she is with my sissie trying to dodge me as I take photos.
And here's why: Ed is sneakily trying to hide her eye that looked a little bloodshot. She probably got this from some incident with the youth group she leads, no doubt.
This is a desperate attempt at avoiding her eye in the pic...but good for a laugh
Oh, Edie, you are sneaky. With this loving pose, you look like the angelic aunt that sings soprano hymns in Finn and gives good hugs...oh wait, that is you--go au naturelle. Very clever.

Gotcha! Happy sunshine face.
All that's missing is the famous family camera shot where everyone in the picture is asking if the flash went off.

Sunday, May 18, 2008!?

Since I was only in town for two days, Lori Ann and her girls decided to come and stay at Mom's house so that we could soak up every possible minute of fun. Lori Ann and I trumped Mom and took over her bed.
We said g'night at least 15 times and then would start off with, "Hey, did I tell you..."
And after a few conversations, we reflected on the fact that the room we were in was the first room we'd ever shared as siblings...and then we giggled late into the night recalling all our games of Old Maid and sneaky stunts pulled on each other to get the other in trouble!
So the following pictures are the result of not many hours of sleep.
Note how Lori Ann's eyes are closed
We tried the photo again. Lori Ann purposely opened her eyes wide, while I closed mine.
Third attempt. Didn't work so well...

We then realized that our third sister was missing from action so we thought we'd put her in the bed too. We're trying to mimic her smile in this photo.
This is what happens to Finnish girls when they get no sleep.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scrabble laughs

Scrabble is mine and my Grandmother's game. As early as age 10, Grandma would get out this exact board and she would teach me how to make the most of a Triple letter score, to save my 's' for big point words and where to put my leftover letters at the game's end
Last weekend, as I spent the day at their house, Grandma got out the well-worn board and said,"Well, do you think you can take on this old lady ?"
To which I responded, "Do you think you are ready to take on this ol' pregnant girl?"
And thus the games began.
No one, with the exception of my brother, can make me laugh as hard as my Grandma can. When she gets bad letters, she says, "Curses!" When she she has too many i's she says, "What am I going to do with all these damn sticks?!" And when she gets letters that are hard to work with she says,"Well, how is anybody supposed to make a word around here?" So, it's a regular comedy show.
My favourite part is when I put a word on the Triple word score. Then she gestures her hands as if they were around my throat and says, "Kill!" You have to see her do it to understand.
I caught her giggling in this picture. And even though she was losing at this point, she was giggling!

And here's the final product. I beat her by a score of 100 points.
The last time we played and I tried to help her find a spot to make a word, she eschewed all aid and said, "I'm not some old lady who needs help you know?" And then when I won, she was kind enough to guilt me with the knowledge of, "Sure, beat an old woman with no mercy."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Visits with Gigi

This past weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of being in my home town (thanks Mom!)
One adventure found me at my Grandma's house--or Gigi as the great grandchildren call her.
My Grandma has always had a home filled with wonder. From childhood to parenthood, I find myself still fascinated with the little treasures that made her home my haven growing up.
For old time sake, Grandma humoured me and pulled out all the old favourites:
Grandma's spoon collection--collected mostly by friends in the form of gifts
The picture below is all the stir sticks she gathered from her different visits. She has some from airlines, hotels, casinos and vacation spots. After looking them all over I said, "Grandma, you are quite the drinker!" and she answered, "Actually, I'm quite the thief."And then she showed me which ones she actually took from bars that were along the beach without ever ordering a drink!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Finnish Girl

Pulla! I love pulla!
I just got back from a visit to my hometown (photos to come) and my Grandma and I went to the bakery across from my favourite restaurant, the Hoito.
Just a side note, I love the Hoito's panukakku (pancakes) and order them well done or extra crispy with strawberry soupa. I didn't get time for any karjalanpiirakka but I did make it to the bakery to purchase my favourite coffee bread-pulla!
Oh sweet cardamom, how I love thee!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blessing and Mourning

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4 NIV
Without a doubt, this has been the hardest few months of my life.I'm fine on moment and crying the next. The only word that I can use to describe it is: disappointing.
I find myself mourning, weeping, crying without relief.
And yet, I am blessed.
I'm thankful for the blessing that comes from mourning. The blessing that's found in saying goodbye to a season and chapter in your life. The blessing that comes from the pain of loss and the hurt of disappointed hopes. The blessing of His presence in a time of complete and sheer aloneness. The blessing of tears. The blessing of regret. The blessing of standing still because it hurts too much to move forward. The blessing of grief and all that it encompasses. The blessing of such sorrow that leaves me with the truth of His unfailing love.

You are blessed when you feel you've lost what is more dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you. Matthew 5:4 The Message

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I love my friend Lois. I have many reasons but the latest one (besides prayer and a great cup of tea) is clothes.
We've both be pregnant a few times and I called her up saying, "Lois, I bought most of my pregnant clothes from the Sally Ann over 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Anne. And...they are starting to look like I bought them 5 years ago from the Sally Ann. Can I borrow your pregnant clothes?"
And the glorious and generous "Yes, of course," that crossed her lips made me dance!
I have clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, a few nice dress outfits and a new lease on life.
Love you, LoLo Bean!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Great news for Canada

I am very excited about the news I heard on the radio this morning.
MP Rick Casson has succeeded his 5 year+ battle with the government to raise the age of consent for sex here in Canada. Previously, the age of consent was 14. This law has created an environemnt for Canada to become a Top 5 Country to be visited by pedophiles and has entrapped kids in prostitution with their parents unable to help them because legally they could be living with their 42 year old sugar daddy/pimp.
I am so excited that this MP did not give up on his commitment to kids and safety. For those of you who want to congratulate this man and his team on all their hard work, you can email him at
It's a great day for Canadians.