Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scrabble laughs

Scrabble is mine and my Grandmother's game. As early as age 10, Grandma would get out this exact board and she would teach me how to make the most of a Triple letter score, to save my 's' for big point words and where to put my leftover letters at the game's end
Last weekend, as I spent the day at their house, Grandma got out the well-worn board and said,"Well, do you think you can take on this old lady ?"
To which I responded, "Do you think you are ready to take on this ol' pregnant girl?"
And thus the games began.
No one, with the exception of my brother, can make me laugh as hard as my Grandma can. When she gets bad letters, she says, "Curses!" When she she has too many i's she says, "What am I going to do with all these damn sticks?!" And when she gets letters that are hard to work with she says,"Well, how is anybody supposed to make a word around here?" So, it's a regular comedy show.
My favourite part is when I put a word on the Triple word score. Then she gestures her hands as if they were around my throat and says, "Kill!" You have to see her do it to understand.
I caught her giggling in this picture. And even though she was losing at this point, she was giggling!

And here's the final product. I beat her by a score of 100 points.
The last time we played and I tried to help her find a spot to make a word, she eschewed all aid and said, "I'm not some old lady who needs help you know?" And then when I won, she was kind enough to guilt me with the knowledge of, "Sure, beat an old woman with no mercy."


Brambleberry said...

What a wonderful time you must have had! Your grandmother sounds like such a hoot!! Love it!

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