Monday, May 19, 2008

The art of taking a photo with Ed

I have an aunt named Edie. We all call her Ed.
She is such a fun lady. She is the aunt who has travelled around the world and has her own slide projection machine. If I had had the time this trip round I would have made her set up the slide projector and dig out the slides of the archaleogical dig in Israel, the trip to visit our missionary cousins in Indonesia, the California trip with my Grandma and, of course, always a hit with the kids: the photos of the giraffes licking her head in Africa.

She is a pro at taking pictures...and hiding in them! Here she is with my sissie trying to dodge me as I take photos.
And here's why: Ed is sneakily trying to hide her eye that looked a little bloodshot. She probably got this from some incident with the youth group she leads, no doubt.
This is a desperate attempt at avoiding her eye in the pic...but good for a laugh
Oh, Edie, you are sneaky. With this loving pose, you look like the angelic aunt that sings soprano hymns in Finn and gives good hugs...oh wait, that is you--go au naturelle. Very clever.

Gotcha! Happy sunshine face.
All that's missing is the famous family camera shot where everyone in the picture is asking if the flash went off.

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