Monday, May 31, 2010

Yes, a Canadian would think of this brilliant plan

Thanks for all the blog-love and remarks on my last day of having open comments.

Joann, I am more than willing to be the guinea pig here and I'll keep you posted as to how this whole 'no comment thing' is going. Who knows maybe I'll start a revolution.

Speaking of revolutions that I have started...
Did you know what day it is today?
You don't?
Well, let me enlighten you, dear friends.


I *heart* my country.

This is another Canadian brain child, and, frankly it's pure brilliance.
As most of you know, I've never gone on Wastebook Facebook and I have written several times about all of the Facebook craziness (You will recall such posts as: You're so vain, I bet you think Facebook is all about you; Has anyone seen my husband? and Expletives!)

Brilliant Canadians.

Thanks again for the blog love.
I appreciate all the sentiments (ktjane) and all the shock (BK). I do enjoy growing this little community and we'll see what happens in the future. As for now, I think it's important that I focus on my other duties.

Like...ending Wastebook.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dem is fightin' words

In the red corner, we have the reigning champion. Heavyweight-hitter with a goal of world domination, Mr. weed-sucking-the-life-out-of-your-plants Dandy Lion!

(Crowd boos)
In the blue corner we have the challenging underdog, featherweight with a goal of yard weed annihilation, Redeemed Diva.

Crowd cheers
(random guy holds up JOHN 3:16 sign)
Oh, what's this Dandy Lion gives Diva the squinty eye and says, "You are going down!"
Redeemed Diva does some fast talking. "Dude, first I'm going to boil your roots and kill your potential to dig deep and fight against me....
...then I'm going to stick you with this sword...

You will never age.
You will not grow grey.
You will never see your grandchildren.
(Leans close and whispers)You will die alone and friendless.

Who wins?
Find out....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The shower is still a good place to cry in

There was a time not too long ago where I walked in complete brokenness.
It was during this time that my 5 blog readers would see simple posts like "The Shower is a good place to cry in" or "I am still here but barely" or the ever classic "I need to buy a punching bag."

I was broken. Severed. Cut in half.
And I wasn't even sure why. I had just reached a point where the last straw was put on this camel's back.
It didn't help that circumstances were the perfect condition to grow my character.

You see, my husband and I felt that the Lord was leading us to leave my husband's very high paying job. So we did.

We felt that God wanted him to take a job in another city (one we used to live in and LOVED). So we did.

We felt very strongly that He wanted us to move to this town. My husband had spent the last 18 months working two weeks away from us and then home for six days. We felt the Lord really wanted us to be together and that He wanted to bring us a fresh start. So we moved.
Even though, our house had not sold.

But as we prayed, we knew that God wanted us to trust Him to sell it.
So we did.

And He provided money for both our two bedroom rental and our house mortgage.
And then my husband lost his job.

It. was. gone.

And so I would cry in the shower.
And cry in the car.
And cry in my room.

I would say, "God, I thought I heard Your voice. You promised that Your sheep hear Your voice. But God, You told us to take this job. You led us to move here and uproot our family to this town. You told us to do this and now it is all falling apart. I was obedient, I followed Your voice. You owe me."


Did I really believe that in my heart?
I did.

And that's exactly what God wanted to put His finger on in my life. Somehow I had developed this idea that "if I scratch Your back, You'll scratch mine." I did. With the King of Kings. With the Creator of the Universe. I thought I could have Him owe me.

Such silly nonsense.

I bowed my head, "Lord, I'm so full of pride that I would allow my heart to be angry with You. I created expectations that You would do certain things for me. You have only asked me to trust You--You never told me that moving here would make my life rosy, You only told us to move here and to trust You. Forgive me for putting false expectations on You. Show me what You would have me do next."

Worship Me.

Now, I know you are all thinking that I immediately started praising Jesus for all His goodness and all His attributes of faithfulness.


I yelled and pounded a pillow with my fist and say,"I don't want to thank You for the pit that I am in. You put me here, remember? OK, wait, forgive me for blaming You. But I hate it here. Why would I ever thank You for Your goodness when this feels so not good?"


"Ok. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for being faithful to me even when I yell at You. Thank You that Your kindness leads me to repentance. Continue to be kind to me, Father. Thank You that in the midst of this turmoil You will turn things for good and You will be glorified. Thank You...thank You...thank You."

And just like a bud on a tree blossoms, I opened up under the tender hand of God. Scales fell off my eyes and I saw something that I had forgotten.
He is faithful.

And if He asks me to follow Him then I will follow Him. The way of Christ is full of suffering. Anyone who tells you different is schlepping another gospel.

Christ asks us to follow Him. He laid down His life. He served, poured out, laid down all his ambitions and dreams to serve the Father's will. And He calls us to do the same. We're naive to think that that won't cost us something.

It will cost you everything.

But the pleasures of loving Jesus far surpass any dream, any hope, any thing I could pursue on my own and for myself. For He is lovely and worthy of all honour, glory and praise.

I love how Graham Cooke says it, "If you are frustrated right now, it's a sure sign that the real issue is your maturity...the issue with us is not frustration, it is "how much patience do I have? How much faithfulness am I displaying?" That's the real issue. If you feel frustrated, if you feel thwarted, if you feel that things are held up then you have the wrong terminology for the lifestyle that God wants to give you. God is not frustrated. He is patient. It's impossible to be frustrated if you are patient."

I can do that God. I can allow You to change my heart. To stop being frustrated and to start being patient and to allow You to produce depth of character in me.
I will submit to that...even in the shower.

[SHE SAID] I am only a little rose or autumn crocus of the plain of Sharon, or a [humble] lily of the valleys [that grows in deep and difficult places].
Song of Solomon 2:1, emphasis added by me, Amplified version

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cracked,Chipped and Broken Character

holy experience

Two weeks ago, you all got to see my kitchen.
And commented on how cute it was.
Thank you.

God uses my house to talk to me. Does He do that with you?
You see, what you see on the outside was lovely wasn't it? Maybe even caused a few of you to think, "how can I make my kitchen be more..."
At least that's what I do when I'm on other people's blogs and they seem to have amazing kitchens.

But come closer. Take a look. See this stain on the counter.
Borax. Javex. Baking soda can't get rid of it.
And every time I see it on the counter, I find myself thinking about how I've stained my life with sin, and how only His blood can wash me clean.

Check out this: It's broken.
It can't fix itself.
Just like me.
I'm reminded that I need some tender, loving care to be made whole again. And I need work. But I'm in capable and skilled hands. Hands that will make all things new and not just fix me, but restore me to wholeness.

And what about over here. This chipped it embarrasses me.
But every time I look at it I lay down my pride and embarrassment and go straight for thankfulness. I have a cupboard. I have a house. I have a family that lives in this house.
And somehow, through all the quirks of marred character it is becoming a holy habitation.

A place where His story is told.
A place where His glory dwells.

I was wrong to have Reservations about No Reservations

Remember that rant a long time ago? way back in the day when two people read my blog--Aunt Rosie and my mom (click here)
The one where I was mad that they had taken my favourite film and turned it into an American version of cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Well, I watched it recently.
And I wanted to go one record saying, "I was wrong."
They didn't destroy the film. The original is still much better, but I would watch the new version again.

(What? I can admit when I'm wrong.)