Monday, July 2, 2007

Expletives! *$%!

I am not joining Facebook.
I don't care if everyone and their dog (Sunny D) is on it!
I don't want to reconnect with people from high school (does anyone remember high school?) I am having a tough enough time connecting with new people, I don't need or want to hear about how that fat girl we all used to make fun of now lives in Idaho and, yes, is still fat.
Has anyone been reading my blog--can they not see how easily addicted I get to things: ahem, youtube. Need I say more?
I did myspace. I get it. It's thrilling to write public messages to everyone. Whhheeee....whoopdedoo.
I'm happy for all you computer freakish people who want to sit online all day and graffiti walls or whatever it is you do. Here's what I ask:
Stop sending me invitation emails.
Stop dropping your jaw and freaking out when I say "I'm not on Facebook" (I don't like to do what everyone else is doing on any given day, why would I start now)
Stop telling me how great it is to connect with the guy who was two lockers down from you who was your best friend's cousin's boyfriend in high school. I don't care.
Seriously, it's enough to make me swear using common vernicular used in Britain. $%!@
Expect major spam to come your way if you write a responding comment praising the beauty and ingenuity of Facebook.

On a completely different note, didn't Harry and William do a great job with the Diana tribute concert?!


Peter Williams said...

You go girl! Way to stick to your guns, honey! Don't let'm get to you! Stand your ground. By the way, I signed us up for face book.
Your husband, Peter.

Holly said...


Chesed said...

ha ha made me laugh and off to check the facebook, profile. going to send the weekend pics your way either later today or tomorrow. hope your having a awesome day.

redeemed diva said...

In regards to my loving man: You cheeky, cheeky wah wah! Lucky for you, you are a good kisser and I will forgive you...but don't expect me on that thing.
To Holly: that "Ha" reads a little like Corner Gas's Lacey saying "In your face" after she won her first thumb war with Wanda (after losing the first 21)
To Chesed: Can't wait to see them...I will post some as well as the great story of Oramel!

Holly said...

Well...I would have said more, but I didn't want the spam!! lol

Peter did make me crack up though...there was more than one Ha...I admit it. ;o)

Ryan said...

Uncle Ryan completly agrees 110%. I am in the same boat with you. I am the anti-watch, anti-cell phone, anti-facebook advocate. I laughed, i cryed, i yelled.... well, i didn't cry or yell but... anyways. good for you and i will be here for support if you feel the need to going facebook and need some smartening (maybe a word) up. who are we kidding though, i am almost anti-phone anyways!

redeemed diva said...

Ryan: This is the true Finnish way! I knew you couldn't be anti social, er, I mean "anti" for nothing. Thanks man. You're my favourite brother-in-law today!

Nana Cheryl said...

Hey Holly. Facebook does not give you the opportunity to write as you do here on your blog. Keep writing and sharing your heart. :o)

Facebook takes A LOT of TIME!!! Good for you for drawing the line. Stick to the boundaries that work for YOU. I did breakdown and join Facebook after much resistance, and I did reconnect with a friend from school who I had lost contact with. I had tried everything I knew to find her with no success. I found her sister on Facebook. :o) No, I have no desire to connect with anyone else from my school either.

Facebook gives me the opportunity to stay connected with family and friends (like seeing photos of my brand new nephew 3 hours away and my niece’s prom & grad in Nova Scotia). For me, it’s an elaborate MSN/email with photos and nice security features that are much easier than a web site. I don’t bother with the rest.

So keep on blogging sister and sharing your creative giftings here. :o)

Tamatha said...

lol...I had no idea you hated facebook quite this much when I made the comment earlier to join us!lol My comment still sticks though...come on over sister!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeehaw someone else that doesn't have FaceBook. I would love to have it but I spend enough time on the internet I don't NEED it in. the. least.