Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I used to be taller than anyone else
Never hid my dreams up on a shelf
Running in circles was always ok
Spinning my wheels was just part of play

I was able to fly high
And so freely laugh
At all of the shadows
The sunshine made pass

Fell down on my knees
Felt no shame to cry
Picked up lost pennies
And chased butterflies

Stared up at the white clouds
That looked like blue whales
Loved when the wind
Filled up tea-towel sails

Singing tunes off-key
Puddle jumping in shoes
Had no trouble asking
just 'what should I do?'

Ran all the way up hill
Just to see if I could
Blew magic bubbles
Coloured my childhood

I used to be brave
and so very strong
Wasn't bothered that I
had no words to my song

Wonder'd up at the moon
Anchored strong in the sky
Listened to crickets
Sing long lullabies

I used to slow right down
watch streams flow right past
Seems they took all my days
And made them rush fast

Now I find myself knee-deep
In old memories
Hands in my pockets
Wishing that I could be:

Strong like the wind
Free like the bird
Pure like the sunshine
With all my words heard

For I used to be brave
I used to be bold
I used to laugh louder
and wish to be old

Because I....

I used to be seven.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not just a song from Footloose--it actually applies to today

Guess what I did today?
I went on a date.
With my man.
Without our kids.
It bears repeating: Without our kids!!!!

And naturally we went to see a movie we've wanted to see for a while:
The Karate Kid.
Only, it should be called The Kung Fu Kid because, you know, that's what they learned: Kung Fu.
As in, not karate.

Here's what I hope happens as a result of this film.
I hope young men go and see it.
Then I hope the will put down their video gaming consoles and pursue a sport.
Any sport, really.
Just something that will teach them honor and respect and good ol' competition.
It wouldn't hurt to become a little more buff either.

Because there are a whole slew of young women in their 20's wishing that young men would get off their gaming butts and become men of honour.
Stop living in the fantasy world where you kick people's butt and are a conqueror, get involved in a sport and learn about pushing yourself beyond your limits!

Did you know that Nintendo's target audience is a 29-year-old North American male?

Sad and true.

So, could Kung fu be the answer?
Well, Jesus is the answer always.
Men on their knees in prayer.
Men committed to truth in the face of opposition.
Men, who like King David said, "Is there not a cause?"

Aren't we all holding out for a hero?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's back!!!!!

I left town for the weekend.

My garden looked fine. Some of the spinach leaves were being eaten by aphids, but for the most part it looked fine.

Oh, you naive Finnish gypsy.

Fine, indeed!

There's a hole in my garden, dear Liza, dear Liza, there's a hole in my garden, dear Liza, a hole.

A hole....over by the brussel sprouts and celery!

Is this the return of the gopher?

Not sure. Too early to tell.
Although things are looking suspiciously similar to the last hole that annihilated my spinach.

That problem seemed to solve itself though...once I left town.

It's obvious what I need to do next, isn't it?

Yes, I agree.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Is it possible that 31 is the new 16?

I've always been a late bloomer.
I didn't get my license until I was nineteen.
My younger sister had a boyfriend before me.
We're not even going to discuss my cleavage development.

Remember 16?
The time of your life where you start to put together your dreams and figure things out and make embarrassing moments because you've rushed into things based on emotion rather than logic...or even prayer?

I think I may have skipped that whole season.

In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.

Most girls used curling irons then.
I bought my first one when I was 25.

Is it possible that you can experience "16"...some 16 years later?

Sometimes it feels like I'm just really beginning to discover who I am or how relationships really work.
Sometimes I over analyze everything to death and take myself way too seriously.
And sometimes I make a drama out of nothing, just like a 16 year old.

But I think I've matured a little in that area.
(Oh please, dear Lord, say 'yes, you have, my daughter')

Sometimes I feel like I'm just now putting on a dress that makes me look grown up. And I'm smiling shyly and feeling awkward but liking the advancement all at the same time.

Thank God I have the cleavage to hold the dress up this time around.
Experience I may be without, but time has rounded out a few things!

How is it possible that I've grown up when I still feel like a girl in so many ways?

I still eat my peanut butter out of jar with a spoon.
I still crank up the tunes, and lip sync to a song, looking in the rearview mirror and imagining I'm in my own music video.
I still get butterflies when he winks at me and fumble with my words when he's staring at me.

Maybe it's not so bad.

Discovering who I am, what I like and what I don't, realizing who God is to me and how I desire to live for Him.

That's what summer is like when you are sixteen.

At least it is this time around.