Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I used to be taller than anyone else
Never hid my dreams up on a shelf
Running in circles was always ok
Spinning my wheels was just part of play

I was able to fly high
And so freely laugh
At all of the shadows
The sunshine made pass

Fell down on my knees
Felt no shame to cry
Picked up lost pennies
And chased butterflies

Stared up at the white clouds
That looked like blue whales
Loved when the wind
Filled up tea-towel sails

Singing tunes off-key
Puddle jumping in shoes
Had no trouble asking
just 'what should I do?'

Ran all the way up hill
Just to see if I could
Blew magic bubbles
Coloured my childhood

I used to be brave
and so very strong
Wasn't bothered that I
had no words to my song

Wonder'd up at the moon
Anchored strong in the sky
Listened to crickets
Sing long lullabies

I used to slow right down
watch streams flow right past
Seems they took all my days
And made them rush fast

Now I find myself knee-deep
In old memories
Hands in my pockets
Wishing that I could be:

Strong like the wind
Free like the bird
Pure like the sunshine
With all my words heard

For I used to be brave
I used to be bold
I used to laugh louder
and wish to be old

Because I....

I used to be seven.

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