Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How marriage happens

SuperGirl was talking with her younger sister Missie-Moo today.
"You don't know how weddings work, so I'll explain it, ok?"
I eagerly leaned my head back to learn how my 5 year old will explain marriage.
"Well, you have a man and a beautiful girl. And they dance. And everybody watches them. And that's being married."
And you know what, my kids a genius. Because when I sit back and think about it--she's absolutely right.
Jeep, thanks for being a great dance partner. Patient when I step on your toes, yet always up for disco, waltz and the oh-so-fun tango!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gong Show Tuesday

You ever wake up on one of those days that seem righter than right, and then suddenly things go two miles past wrong?
Well, not quite two miles past wrong.
Alot of things went very right today:
Got a great hug from my hubby
Smooches from my kids
a kick in the belly from the one on the way
I got to see my hairdresser and she made my hair beautiful again
and I got to treat my eldest for a special snack at the mall

Really, it's just small things went wrong. But they went wrong at time-specific moments that induced a great deal of stress and the immediate need to problem solve.
Ugh! Just a typical day really. Things that went wrong that would normally be no big deal, became big deals because of the time demands and obligations needing to be met on a deadline.

Completely forgot it was Earth Day. I love you, Earth! So on Gong Show Tuesday here are all the wonderful things I am thankful for about the glorious earth that the Lord made:
Water-water that trickles down in a little stream, raindrops that make momentary fingerprints on a puddle, a ripple formed on a smooth, calm lake, the roaring ocean and the rushing river
Wind-wind that makes kites fly, my hair whip around, cools on a hot day and makes the snowflakes dance around my window
Dirt-dirt that makes messes, mud that squishes and makes wonderful pies,sand that gently tickles my feet and rocks that are collectibles for my family
Trees- I love trees. Trees that shelter, that mourn and weep. Trees whose leaves sing me to sleep Trees that grow tall and shelter from heat, Trees that grow things that I get to eat
Animals-all majestic: great and small
Morning-soft dew, mist rising, quiet song of a bird singing,the glorious announcement of a new day with a sunrise leading the way
Clouds and Stars- always something beautiful to see. Always something to remind me How Great Thou Art
In six days the Lord created all of it. All of the beautiful things that bring me hope, inspires me, brings me instant peace and always speaks of the Creator.
Thanks Jesus. Once again, You are my creative Lord!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to tell if a woman is pregnant

IdaB: Is Allie letting herself go?
Annika: She does look like she gained a bit. All that know what they say, "a moment on the lips..
IdaB: a lifetime on the hips."

Annika: Oh, wait. Clearly, we were wrong. She's pregnant.
IdaB: What? Are you sure? How can you tell?
Annika: Her hand is resting on her stomach and every once in a while she rubs it in a circular motion.
IdaB: You're right! Gosh, she hardly looks pregnant!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Nadine played this game on her Blog and I will join in as well. It's originally from Pinks and Blues Girl Blog.

I have to preface this with saying that since I was thirteen I had made a commitment to pray for my future husband and to not date until I was done high school. Two years after high school, there was no one in the picture (though I started to feel very old and the prospect of never getting married seemed like a legitimate reality-ah, youth). I was set to go to work with a ministry called Broken Walls, and I had to take a plane to get there.
The night before my trip, I wrote my sister a big long letter about how I was committing the next 5 years of my life to pursuing the call of God on my life and I didn't want or even need a relationship. I was going for Jesus 100%. I remember that I wrote in my journal that night: I am completely content with living and Loving Jesus Christ. I don't need a relationship right now. Meeting someone right now would just interrupt the dreams that I have living for God."

The next day, before I took the seat on the plane I heard God's voice ask, "Are you ready to meet your husband?"
Startled I sat in my seat and just looked out the window for 5 minutes. I turned the idea over in my mind. I had plans of being totally committed to God,missions, and media and had completely laid down any idea of marriage. Suddenly, I realized something. I realized that if God was bringing a husband to me at this time in life...then He knows what is best for me. I remember shrugging and saying, "OK. If this is Your plan, I'm in."
That's a long preface I realize...but to me, it's all part of the story

The First Time I Laid Eyes On My Man
I had just got off the airplane and went to claim my luggage. I heard my friend Erin's voice, but I looked up and saw this handsome guy walking towards me. I can still see him walking towards me. Instantly, I knew that he was the one God had told me about.
Were there fireworks? Nope.
Was it love at first sight? Nah.
The only way I can describe it is that my spirit recognized him as the man I had been praying for and been committed to for 7 years before we even met.
And it's funny, because he and I were at the same event talking with the same people four months earlier and we never met.
So, he picked me up at the airport...drove me to where I was staying. Hehe. I did take the back seat that was angled so I could watch him drive. I grew very fond of his hands and those amazing green eyes that kept checking the rear view mirror and every once in a while locked with mine.
And my journal entry the next day started with, "It is with great irony that I write this next sentence: So, I met this guy named Jeep...."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The inner workings of a diva

Took this from Cheryl's site:
What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was living in Wisconsin. An interesting experience that brought forth two great friends (Jenny and Mary W), pruned a bunch of other relationships and brought a whole lot of life lessons. (ugh! I worked in a daycare while there! What was I thinking?)

Five Snacks I enjoy: (not in any kind of order!)
1. Salsa and nachos
2. Yogurt and berries
3. Ritva crackers with old cheese and avocado
4. Warm blueberry pie
5. chocolate of some sort-has to be dark though. Can't stand that cheap milk chocolate!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
(if I was a billionaire, obviously I'd be tithing and giving. And clearly, I'd be imparting wisdom to my children so that they would handle the money they would inherit. And since my love language is gift-giving and I'm a billionaire, it goes without saying that my kids are very blessed and my friends are generously loved)
1. Find investments that bring a return of 300 to 400% returns annually
2. Establish a fund/grant for people with disabilities enabling them to follow different dreams, fully pay for proper accessibility within their housing, pursue educational opportunities, money for families who want to adopt children with special needs,etc.
3. Partner with Compassion International and work in the worst hit countries (Haiti, African nations, etc) helping to create infastructure and meet practical needs
4. Buy, sell, flip real estate (apartment buildings, malls, etc)
5. Help others learn how to create wealth

Five jobs that I have had:(most recent first)
1. Television producer
2. Cleaning lady for homes
3. Gladiola Farm worker (great job! Always got to take home flowers)
4. Dance Teacher
5. Mall worker schlepping luggage for minimum wage

Three of my habits:
1. Taking a very long time to decide what to order at a restaurant
2. Braiding my hair or putting it up when it's wet so it dries with a bit of curl
3. Always locking the door

Bad Habits...
1. Procrastinating about the dishes
2. Sometimes telling myself "I can't" and believing it
3. making it sound like I know more than I do about the topic I am discussing with other people

Five place I have lived:
1. Thunder Bay, ON
2. Stevens Point, WI
3. Tyendinaga Territory
4. Medicine Hat, AB
5. Narnia-I mean, only in my imagination, but surely that counts

Five things not many people know about me:
1. I like not having a lot of stuff. If I could live life out of a back pack, I'd be so happy.
2. I always wanted to be a librarian
3. I used to bite my sister til she would bleed
4. I don't use a credit card. If I can't buy it in cash today, I don't buy it.
5. I like to go ultra light flying (that's a plane that has no real sides and the only thing holding you up is a chair that's held by buckles and welding)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Girl's Prayer

In home school today, we were working on SuperGirl 's printing and she said,"I'm going to write out a prayer."
Here's what she wrote:
Dear Jesus,
I love your stars.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Idle Party Chat

Confession: I'm not any good at party chat.
I like good, down to earth talks, so the light stuff is not something I'm good at it. It's usually filled with my fake laugh and awkward statements.
Yesterday, I was at my friends housewarming--great party, Co and Mar--and saw different people that I haven't seen in awhile. People that I know but don't really know.

Top five moments of the night:
5. Verbatim, my conversation with Heidi ( a woman I know, but don't know):
me-Hi, it's Heidi right?
me-I'm Holly. I don't know if we've ever formally met.
me-Oh. Well, I wasn't sure. It's good to see you again.
me-Yes, it is.
her-(just staring at me)
me-(desperate to fill the silence and salvage a 'quickly-becoming-awkward-conversation'): You're very pretty.
Someone else-Hey Holly, how's it going?
me- (thinking) Thank you Jesus! Rescued again.
Exit with flourish.

4.I offer Hiedi a drink.
Then someone comes up who I haven't seen in a long time and we get talking and I get distracted. I suddenly remember to get Heidi a drink. I ask her what she would like, and she says "Wine".
There's a problem:no wine opener at this home (it is, after all, a new house party. Boxes are still in the basement and needing to be unpacked).
I look at Heidi and say, "There's no wine, the pop's over there...."
Heidi looks at me and says....(you guessed it): "Yes."

3.To every Spanish speaking person there I say, "Hi, I'm Holly. I think we met at the Canada Day BBQ at Zaoul's house. (Martha stands behind each person shaking her head "no").
Apparently, I only met three Spanish speaking people at the Canada Day BBQ and I have just asked over 6 Spanish speaking people if they were there...and none of them were.

2. Zaoul arrives at the party and I come up to him and give him a hug and ask him how he's been. He looks at me and says,"Who are you?"

1. Co and Mar invited Josh Fritz and friend Colin McInnes to come and play Spanish guitar at the party. It's a nice touch having live music at a home warming.
Anyway, I couldn't hear very well and thought the other guitarist's name was Paul, not Colin. So when Josh takes a break, and Colin keeps playing, "I stick my fist in the air and shout, "Go Paul!"
My husband, Jeep, and Mar's sisters look at me.
Jeep asks, "Who's Paul?"
I point at the guitarist and say, "He is."
And oh, how everyone laughs!!!

The party was a lot of fun.
I did connect with some really amazing people (Hey Natalie, the scrapbook pages I mentioned are here: For Corrina).
Zaoul later recognized me once he realized I was with Jeep and that Jeep was wearing glasses now.
Colin never heard me call him Paul, even though the story was told several times :)
... and I ate soooo much good food.

I love parties--idle talk and all.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy Cravings:Salsa Noodle Salad?

I love Salsa Ranch. President Choice Salsa Ranch. And lately, I've put it on everything. And the latest weird baby food craving, was shell noodles, with mixed greens slathered in Salsa Ranch. hey...don't knock it til you try it!

Ricotta cheese is the new yogurt! Yesterday morning I had to have ricotta cheese with mango, frozen grapes and pecans. It just made sense. And it was very yummy! (Gotta love my Pooh bear bowl)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crazy Cravings:Laap

I have been craving Laap for a few days now. I love this Thai dish. It is my favourite and it is so delicious. It's one of those foods that is really hard to stop eating, so make lots of it!
This is usually eaten with a really neat sauce but I didn't have all the ingredients so I used straight lime juice and, oh, did it suffice!
You use the cabbage like a wrap and eat the meat and rice together. Romaine lettuce is a nice substitute and gives it a fresh, crisp taste. The cabbage balances it well. It's hard to decide which I like better.
As said earlier, this is highly addicting and you have to make a lot of it because you just eat it and eat it and...I'm hungry now and need to get another bowl of it.
*Note, I use ground beef instead of pork, and sweet chili sauce for chicken instead of fresh chilies. Gotta use what you have on hand!

Simple pleasures

Waffles with whipped cream and berries
Colored glass-broken or whole
The park

Monday, April 7, 2008

Confession #1 The word strong is sometimes used to describe a bad smell

DIVA CONFESSION: I am strong. I can do it by myself. I need no one.

When I was in high school, my friends and I used to sing a song we made up that went:
I am so great
I am so great
I can beat you up
with my little pinky finger
'cause I am so great.
For a long time, I really believed the words of that silly song. I really believed that I was super great and could take on the world and all the hell it might bring against me. In my naivete, I thought, "I am a Christian, I can handle the worst life has to offer."

I'm older now. Hopefully wiser. I'd like to remedy that statement and say, "I know Jesus. I can't handle anything without Him. He is my strength."

I've gone through a very emotionally difficult month. It's been draining and revealing, all at once. I've suddenly realized that I can't keep my house clean effectively, I am not the best at disciplining my kids consistently, I am horribly mean to my husband when I, myself, am emotionally vulnerable and I fail so often at loving others like Christ has loved me.
And that's great news!

I am poor, weak,powerless,broken and unresolved. Yahoo!

Consider the rich, young ruler in Matthew 19:16-22. He came to Jesus, told Him that He had kept all the commandments, what more did He need to do to have eternal life?
Jesus replied,"Go, sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me."
I don't think Jesus necessarily cared whether the young ruler had money or not. It seems that Jesus was pointing out an area that needed surrendering. Perhaps this rich ruler took a lot of comfort knowing that he had money that could be a back up plan or an emergency fund in case this "following Jesus thing" didn't work out. Jesus was pointing out that the ruler didn't have need of Jesus in this area of his life. The rich young ruler didn't need Jesus to be his security, his source or his safety net: his money provided that. This isn't a money issue, in my eyes. This is a heart issue. And Jesus is asking for the rich young ruler to have need of Him-to boast in his weakness rather than his strength.

I cannot beat you up with my little baby finger. I am unable to stand firm, be consistent or loving without the strength of my Saviour, Jesus Christ.I have need of Him. Desperate need. In Him alone I boast.

REDEEMED DIVA CONFESSION: I am weak and He is strong.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Find Me

Find me

I'm gonna move on down to Elliston
Let my hair grow wild and free
Rent a second story studio
Find the other side of me

I'm gonna sit out on the edge of the fire escape
Feel a little destitute
Search for feelings that will help me remember
The love that I had for YOu

Find me, find me
I'll wait for You
Find me, find me
I'll wait for You

I'm gonna give away my stereo
Give away my T.V.
I'm going back to essentials, a chair and a lamp
And the Book that You wrote to me

You see, I'm looking for the You that used to speak so clear
I'm looking for the me that had a heart to hear
And I'm looking for the passion that held me here
On the edge

Find me, Find me
I'll wait for you
Find me, Find me
I'll wait for you

You see, I'm looking for the me that I used to know
I'm looking for the love that was out of control
'Cause I feel a little cold here in the afterglow

Find me, find me
I'll, I'll wait for You

-Margaret Becker, The Reckoning