Saturday, April 12, 2008

Idle Party Chat

Confession: I'm not any good at party chat.
I like good, down to earth talks, so the light stuff is not something I'm good at it. It's usually filled with my fake laugh and awkward statements.
Yesterday, I was at my friends housewarming--great party, Co and Mar--and saw different people that I haven't seen in awhile. People that I know but don't really know.

Top five moments of the night:
5. Verbatim, my conversation with Heidi ( a woman I know, but don't know):
me-Hi, it's Heidi right?
me-I'm Holly. I don't know if we've ever formally met.
me-Oh. Well, I wasn't sure. It's good to see you again.
me-Yes, it is.
her-(just staring at me)
me-(desperate to fill the silence and salvage a 'quickly-becoming-awkward-conversation'): You're very pretty.
Someone else-Hey Holly, how's it going?
me- (thinking) Thank you Jesus! Rescued again.
Exit with flourish.

4.I offer Hiedi a drink.
Then someone comes up who I haven't seen in a long time and we get talking and I get distracted. I suddenly remember to get Heidi a drink. I ask her what she would like, and she says "Wine".
There's a problem:no wine opener at this home (it is, after all, a new house party. Boxes are still in the basement and needing to be unpacked).
I look at Heidi and say, "There's no wine, the pop's over there...."
Heidi looks at me and says....(you guessed it): "Yes."

3.To every Spanish speaking person there I say, "Hi, I'm Holly. I think we met at the Canada Day BBQ at Zaoul's house. (Martha stands behind each person shaking her head "no").
Apparently, I only met three Spanish speaking people at the Canada Day BBQ and I have just asked over 6 Spanish speaking people if they were there...and none of them were.

2. Zaoul arrives at the party and I come up to him and give him a hug and ask him how he's been. He looks at me and says,"Who are you?"

1. Co and Mar invited Josh Fritz and friend Colin McInnes to come and play Spanish guitar at the party. It's a nice touch having live music at a home warming.
Anyway, I couldn't hear very well and thought the other guitarist's name was Paul, not Colin. So when Josh takes a break, and Colin keeps playing, "I stick my fist in the air and shout, "Go Paul!"
My husband, Jeep, and Mar's sisters look at me.
Jeep asks, "Who's Paul?"
I point at the guitarist and say, "He is."
And oh, how everyone laughs!!!

The party was a lot of fun.
I did connect with some really amazing people (Hey Natalie, the scrapbook pages I mentioned are here: For Corrina).
Zaoul later recognized me once he realized I was with Jeep and that Jeep was wearing glasses now.
Colin never heard me call him Paul, even though the story was told several times :)
... and I ate soooo much good food.

I love parties--idle talk and all.


Brambleberry said...

I think I've met a few of Heidi's relatives. Yes. Yes.

That was so funny. I'm glad you had a fun night, Paul and all. :)

Amy said...

Oh Hols!!! I love your adventures and Holly moments. I read it to Ryan because I thought it was quite funny and he said you paint a very good picture.
Thanks for the laughs :) miss you

Nadine said...

Very fun. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Daughter of the King said...

very smooth Hols, I am sure that night will be remembered for a while. I miss you though I am thankful for blogs so that i can still hear about your adventures and see pictures of your great cooking! I would love to see some tummy shots:)

Tamatha said...

Only you Holly can be you!:o)