Monday, April 7, 2008

Confession #1 The word strong is sometimes used to describe a bad smell

DIVA CONFESSION: I am strong. I can do it by myself. I need no one.

When I was in high school, my friends and I used to sing a song we made up that went:
I am so great
I am so great
I can beat you up
with my little pinky finger
'cause I am so great.
For a long time, I really believed the words of that silly song. I really believed that I was super great and could take on the world and all the hell it might bring against me. In my naivete, I thought, "I am a Christian, I can handle the worst life has to offer."

I'm older now. Hopefully wiser. I'd like to remedy that statement and say, "I know Jesus. I can't handle anything without Him. He is my strength."

I've gone through a very emotionally difficult month. It's been draining and revealing, all at once. I've suddenly realized that I can't keep my house clean effectively, I am not the best at disciplining my kids consistently, I am horribly mean to my husband when I, myself, am emotionally vulnerable and I fail so often at loving others like Christ has loved me.
And that's great news!

I am poor, weak,powerless,broken and unresolved. Yahoo!

Consider the rich, young ruler in Matthew 19:16-22. He came to Jesus, told Him that He had kept all the commandments, what more did He need to do to have eternal life?
Jesus replied,"Go, sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me."
I don't think Jesus necessarily cared whether the young ruler had money or not. It seems that Jesus was pointing out an area that needed surrendering. Perhaps this rich ruler took a lot of comfort knowing that he had money that could be a back up plan or an emergency fund in case this "following Jesus thing" didn't work out. Jesus was pointing out that the ruler didn't have need of Jesus in this area of his life. The rich young ruler didn't need Jesus to be his security, his source or his safety net: his money provided that. This isn't a money issue, in my eyes. This is a heart issue. And Jesus is asking for the rich young ruler to have need of Him-to boast in his weakness rather than his strength.

I cannot beat you up with my little baby finger. I am unable to stand firm, be consistent or loving without the strength of my Saviour, Jesus Christ.I have need of Him. Desperate need. In Him alone I boast.

REDEEMED DIVA CONFESSION: I am weak and He is strong.


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Amy said...

Thank you for being honest...!

Jen said...

So much truth...just when we think we are so shows us that without Him, we'd fall a apart...I'm with you girl.

Holly said...

I need Him too!

Tamatha said...

Amen! I agree...and am in desperate need of Him also!