Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gong Show Tuesday

You ever wake up on one of those days that seem righter than right, and then suddenly things go two miles past wrong?
Well, not quite two miles past wrong.
Alot of things went very right today:
Got a great hug from my hubby
Smooches from my kids
a kick in the belly from the one on the way
I got to see my hairdresser and she made my hair beautiful again
and I got to treat my eldest for a special snack at the mall

Really, it's just small things went wrong. But they went wrong at time-specific moments that induced a great deal of stress and the immediate need to problem solve.
Ugh! Just a typical day really. Things that went wrong that would normally be no big deal, became big deals because of the time demands and obligations needing to be met on a deadline.

Completely forgot it was Earth Day. I love you, Earth! So on Gong Show Tuesday here are all the wonderful things I am thankful for about the glorious earth that the Lord made:
Water-water that trickles down in a little stream, raindrops that make momentary fingerprints on a puddle, a ripple formed on a smooth, calm lake, the roaring ocean and the rushing river
Wind-wind that makes kites fly, my hair whip around, cools on a hot day and makes the snowflakes dance around my window
Dirt-dirt that makes messes, mud that squishes and makes wonderful pies,sand that gently tickles my feet and rocks that are collectibles for my family
Trees- I love trees. Trees that shelter, that mourn and weep. Trees whose leaves sing me to sleep Trees that grow tall and shelter from heat, Trees that grow things that I get to eat
Animals-all majestic: great and small
Morning-soft dew, mist rising, quiet song of a bird singing,the glorious announcement of a new day with a sunrise leading the way
Clouds and Stars- always something beautiful to see. Always something to remind me How Great Thou Art
In six days the Lord created all of it. All of the beautiful things that bring me hope, inspires me, brings me instant peace and always speaks of the Creator.
Thanks Jesus. Once again, You are my creative Lord!


Amy said...

I have "gong" days too!!--mine are usually because of my own time management...(not having the kids ready in time and running around, getting frustrated b/c we're going to be late!! lol-- I've come along way since then!) You've got a great attitude about them though! Love it!

Brambleberry said...

Isn't the Earth an amazing creation?! I'm thanking the Lord today, too.

Nadine said...

Sweet list. I liked how you put it.