Saturday, April 19, 2008


Nadine played this game on her Blog and I will join in as well. It's originally from Pinks and Blues Girl Blog.

I have to preface this with saying that since I was thirteen I had made a commitment to pray for my future husband and to not date until I was done high school. Two years after high school, there was no one in the picture (though I started to feel very old and the prospect of never getting married seemed like a legitimate reality-ah, youth). I was set to go to work with a ministry called Broken Walls, and I had to take a plane to get there.
The night before my trip, I wrote my sister a big long letter about how I was committing the next 5 years of my life to pursuing the call of God on my life and I didn't want or even need a relationship. I was going for Jesus 100%. I remember that I wrote in my journal that night: I am completely content with living and Loving Jesus Christ. I don't need a relationship right now. Meeting someone right now would just interrupt the dreams that I have living for God."

The next day, before I took the seat on the plane I heard God's voice ask, "Are you ready to meet your husband?"
Startled I sat in my seat and just looked out the window for 5 minutes. I turned the idea over in my mind. I had plans of being totally committed to God,missions, and media and had completely laid down any idea of marriage. Suddenly, I realized something. I realized that if God was bringing a husband to me at this time in life...then He knows what is best for me. I remember shrugging and saying, "OK. If this is Your plan, I'm in."
That's a long preface I realize...but to me, it's all part of the story

The First Time I Laid Eyes On My Man
I had just got off the airplane and went to claim my luggage. I heard my friend Erin's voice, but I looked up and saw this handsome guy walking towards me. I can still see him walking towards me. Instantly, I knew that he was the one God had told me about.
Were there fireworks? Nope.
Was it love at first sight? Nah.
The only way I can describe it is that my spirit recognized him as the man I had been praying for and been committed to for 7 years before we even met.
And it's funny, because he and I were at the same event talking with the same people four months earlier and we never met.
So, he picked me up at the airport...drove me to where I was staying. Hehe. I did take the back seat that was angled so I could watch him drive. I grew very fond of his hands and those amazing green eyes that kept checking the rear view mirror and every once in a while locked with mine.
And my journal entry the next day started with, "It is with great irony that I write this next sentence: So, I met this guy named Jeep...."


Brambleberry said...


You must continue!!

Nadine said...

That was a great story. I loved that you were so committed to the Lord, and He answered your prayers at just the right time. I'm glad you played along.

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful love story. A love story scripted by the Author of romance himself.


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Amazing story of love... I always told my daughters that you will be sent the most special person in the world when you are least expecting it... and that is what happened with each of them. Ah, yes... He puts plans into motion long before we realize them.
Thanks so very much for sharing!
Sharon - Pinks & Blues

Holly said...

That was so cool to read and it's a TRUE story!!!!! ;o) Yipie!!

Camie said...

Love it!