Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not just a song from Footloose--it actually applies to today

Guess what I did today?
I went on a date.
With my man.
Without our kids.
It bears repeating: Without our kids!!!!

And naturally we went to see a movie we've wanted to see for a while:
The Karate Kid.
Only, it should be called The Kung Fu Kid because, you know, that's what they learned: Kung Fu.
As in, not karate.

Here's what I hope happens as a result of this film.
I hope young men go and see it.
Then I hope the will put down their video gaming consoles and pursue a sport.
Any sport, really.
Just something that will teach them honor and respect and good ol' competition.
It wouldn't hurt to become a little more buff either.

Because there are a whole slew of young women in their 20's wishing that young men would get off their gaming butts and become men of honour.
Stop living in the fantasy world where you kick people's butt and are a conqueror, get involved in a sport and learn about pushing yourself beyond your limits!

Did you know that Nintendo's target audience is a 29-year-old North American male?

Sad and true.

So, could Kung fu be the answer?
Well, Jesus is the answer always.
Men on their knees in prayer.
Men committed to truth in the face of opposition.
Men, who like King David said, "Is there not a cause?"

Aren't we all holding out for a hero?

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Anonymous said...

AMEN!! I can def. agree to that being I am a young 20 year old women waiting to find a man who's heart for God is bigger then his love of video games.