Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Finnish Girl

Pulla! I love pulla!
I just got back from a visit to my hometown (photos to come) and my Grandma and I went to the bakery across from my favourite restaurant, the Hoito.
Just a side note, I love the Hoito's panukakku (pancakes) and order them well done or extra crispy with strawberry soupa. I didn't get time for any karjalanpiirakka but I did make it to the bakery to purchase my favourite coffee bread-pulla!
Oh sweet cardamom, how I love thee!

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Tamatha said...

lol...every time my mother comes for a visit she makes Pulla and brings it. I love it too:o) (even though I didn't grow up on it)

I still pronounce sauna the way a Finn would too. (what can I say? I have been blessed with such wonderful people in my life)