Sunday, May 18, 2008!?

Since I was only in town for two days, Lori Ann and her girls decided to come and stay at Mom's house so that we could soak up every possible minute of fun. Lori Ann and I trumped Mom and took over her bed.
We said g'night at least 15 times and then would start off with, "Hey, did I tell you..."
And after a few conversations, we reflected on the fact that the room we were in was the first room we'd ever shared as siblings...and then we giggled late into the night recalling all our games of Old Maid and sneaky stunts pulled on each other to get the other in trouble!
So the following pictures are the result of not many hours of sleep.
Note how Lori Ann's eyes are closed
We tried the photo again. Lori Ann purposely opened her eyes wide, while I closed mine.
Third attempt. Didn't work so well...

We then realized that our third sister was missing from action so we thought we'd put her in the bed too. We're trying to mimic her smile in this photo.
This is what happens to Finnish girls when they get no sleep.


Amy said...

Love the family blogs Hols... Keep them coming. I had some good chuckles- especially the part about you guys trying to mimic my smile. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Love you.

Brambleberry said...

I just love those sister moments! Too funny!