Thursday, May 15, 2008

Visits with Gigi

This past weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of being in my home town (thanks Mom!)
One adventure found me at my Grandma's house--or Gigi as the great grandchildren call her.
My Grandma has always had a home filled with wonder. From childhood to parenthood, I find myself still fascinated with the little treasures that made her home my haven growing up.
For old time sake, Grandma humoured me and pulled out all the old favourites:
Grandma's spoon collection--collected mostly by friends in the form of gifts
The picture below is all the stir sticks she gathered from her different visits. She has some from airlines, hotels, casinos and vacation spots. After looking them all over I said, "Grandma, you are quite the drinker!" and she answered, "Actually, I'm quite the thief."And then she showed me which ones she actually took from bars that were along the beach without ever ordering a drink!!!

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