Monday, January 4, 2010

Face Etiquette for Beginners

Now, since we are best friends and we tell each other everything--and I do mean EVERYTHING! I feel, as your best friend, that it's important to pass on these three things that I observed today while people watching.

1. Always cover your mouth when you yawn. I'm glad you had dental work, but let's keep that as your little secret, m'kay?

2. Put that dental use to work and smile at strangers, then make eye contact and nod. Connect with others.

3. It doesn't matter what you think or how sure you are...someone is always looking. So, yes, use Kleenex if you must pick in public.

By the way, there's nothing in your teeth.

You're welcome. That's what best friends are for.


sara's art house said...

You are hilarious :) :)

Shaun and Holly said...

This post made me laugh. Mostly because it reminded me of to things:
1. My sister! :) When were are together and eat a meal, afterward we smile at each other. And ask: "Is there anything in my teeth?"
2. An old co-worker of my husband used to be a detective. She ended up quitting because she was so bored with it and also so sick of watching people PICK THEIR NOSES (when she was secretly spying on them)!! Heehee