Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Death to cheeky nouns sitting on my desk

*I'm at it again (responding to emails that is. Check your inbox, my friends...coming soon to a computer near you!)

*Cleaned out the cupboards, dumped everything in a bag and moved it into the garage. That can be July's problem. For now I have clean cupboards and FOCUS! (or so I like to think)

*I am (sorta) seriously contemplating learning how to make my own sour cream. My friend Marlies does this. Mind you, she has access to fresh milk from a cow, and does this thing all the time...she has to since she lives in Africa.
Hmmm...if going organic is that simple, maybe I should move to Africa. She says the bananas in Canada are beautiful to look at but taste horrible. I could eat brown bananas. She also says that they have the squatting toilets in Africa and most public places don't have bathrooms or toilet paper in them. Organic living can wait for a bit, non?

*I now have a huge laundry basket full of papers to be sorted through (thanks to cleaning out the closet). I have plans to finish this blog post and get the shredder from the office and get right to soon as I'm finished this blog post.

I am now thinking of extra things to write on my blog post so as to delay production on the great epic called "Filing 2009".

The snow is melting.

A cat is thinking about stepping into my yard. I scowl at it. It thinks twice. That's right, keep walking.

Did you know that the moon has several stages? One is called waxing gibbous. I did not know that before yesterday. I am passing on these facts for your future Jeopardy contestant spot. Don't forget me when you win big.

I have a red flower pin that I never wear. It's sitting on my desk currently staring at me, saying, "You are reaching a new low by blogging about me to avoid filing."
To which I say, "True. But in all fairness, don't you want to be on my blog?"
To which it responds, "You do realize you are talking to a flower pin and making up a conversation in your own head?"
To which I respond, "OK, time for you to go to the Salvation Army."
To which it says, "I'm starting a "Save the Red Flower Pin Campaign". Readers, join the resistance!"
And then I turn my head, snap my fingers to my imaginary guard and say sinisterly, "Release the hounds."
And then dogs come and bury the red flower pin and I never see it again.
The end.

After so much excitement, clearly it is time for me to do something mundane and brain-numbing...filing.


Amy said...

now now...some people take great pleasure in filing...and labelling....and sorting...and purging.... to my ears!!!

the lady of the house said...

I'm rolling... you crack me up deary.

Tamatha said...

I have been going thru every spot in the house...and soon going to start on the storage shed in the yard. How did we get this much stuff?!!! (by soon..I mean after the minus 20 cold snap is done)