Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing Nestor...give him a great diva welcome

This is Nestor. Named for The Nester and her wisdom found here.
I place him at on the bedstead, but he tells me that he wants to try some other places first.
In the hall? No. Not enough natural light.
Back to the bedside table!
This is colorful--but it's my garbage can lid, so no.
This could work. However, look at that dinosaur. He's all bones. He will devour Nestor in mere moments.

Ah, perfect. On the bed stand.
See his smile?


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY see it :)

the lady of the house said...

You're wacky :).... and yes, I saw the smile :)

Anonymous said...

hello nestor!
cute;) xx

Holly said...

Nestor is lovely. You may want to put a little dish under him or you will find that he will "pee" on your nightstand. Ugh! :S Hee-hee!

Tamatha said...

lol....pee on the night stand!hahahaha:o)