Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's hear it for mistakes!!

Heaven is on my side!

Remember this?

I went to the library yesterday and was prepared to pay my fine. She pulled up the book and grimaced. (It is not good when a librarian grimaces)

"I don't want to make you pay this." she says.
(Uh-oh! $$$$$$ is all I see and so truthfully I say in my head, "I don't want you to make me pay this either")

It turns out this book is a reference book. That's library talk for a big, fat price tag book. And it's a book from the adult section. And I have not been in the adult section in months. Sad, but true. I usually order my books online and just pick them up. (On second thought, if I went upstairs to the adult section with my kids, I could have a whole lot more posts!)

Anyway, the librarian asked me if I remembered what it looked like. I said I had no clue. I hadn't even read it.

Then the librarian said something that was like Pepto-bismal to my anxious wallet.
"I think this book might have gone onto your library card by mistake."

Good-looking-librarian-lady says what?

"I think this book might have gone onto your library card by mistake."

(I think so too!)

We decide to give it a week, they are going to look for it upstairs and I'm going to believe they find it...otherwise I will need to work out a payment plan for this book ...that I still haven't read!


the lady of the house said...

GadZooks! Sucky! Hope they find it! If it helps, one time my library said I owed them a book and I really had brought it back already... they just hadn't checked it in properly. I hope that is the case for you too!

Camie said...

Ahhhh, what a relief! I do hope they find it!

Sissy said...

As a librarian, I know that this sometimes happens. It's computers, huh?

I liked your shopping book idea! That looks like it really helps to remind you what looks good and doesn't.