Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Even the Remote Could Have Helped Me This Time

I love my husband.
He is my brain sometimes. Because sometimes I don't make the connection between information and how to put it into practice.

Here's a great example:

My husband noticed that the automatic door lock remote on my key chain wasn't working. He took it to get the battery replaced and then reminded me to make sure I physically locked the doors while on errands.

Right. Got it. Check.

We did several running around errands and each time I fumbled for my keys to unlock the doors I wished I had my remote with me. It made life so simple. I never even gave this convenience a thought until it was gone from me. And now, as I struggled to get my kids to stand still while I unlocked the door, I wished I had been kinder to my remote. The least I could have done was breathed a sigh of thanks every once in a while.

My kids and I had gone on about four errands and arrived at our fifth, when my eldest said, "Mom, let us out! We're here at our friends." I unlocked the doors from the inside and my girls scrambled out while I asked them to shut the door behind them.
I went to the opposite door and got their brother, a bag of goodies for my friend and my bag-of-all-life-contents (diapers and wallet). My little guy must be carried as he doesn't understand the dangers of traffic so with all the bundles, and him in my arms, I manually lock the door. I check to see that I have the keys (I do) and then I shut the door.
I struggle up the walk to my friends home and barely make it to the door before the load I am holding gives way.

It's a lovely day to visit my friend. Her house is being reno'ed so we explore and oohed and ahhed and imagined what it will really look like. Her wonderful kids show me all their latest songs and dances and we make tea for our visit.

Twenty minutes has passed and we sip our tea, exchanging all that we are learning in our marriages and encouraging each other to grow in God's Word.
Then my friend looks out the window.
"Is that your car?"
"Yes. It is."
We both stand up looking out her front window. Our heads tilt to the side hoping that we can make sense of this situation.

For you see, one door...the door my girls went out and were supposed to shut...the door I couldn't see because of the bundles I was carrying...has been left wide open.

For twenty minutes.


I quickly run outside and see that nothing was taken.
It is then that I notice that,yes, I did lock the doors.

Which, as it turns out, is actually of no use unless you shut the door!


Camie said...

Allie! You're on! Check on my blog about the blog party...What do you think? Sounds kinda fun - I wanted to the idea off you...

Blessings sweet friend!


Camie said...

So funny!

the lady of the house said...

oh my goodness! That is a funny story! Hope you get your remote back soon :)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...


Sissy said...

Wow! That is quite the story.

Last month my remote quit working and my husband told me to go and get a new battery at Walmart. I went. They would not open my remote. Said they could only open watches. Stomped away and went home. My husband then takes it to Walmart, where they proceed to change the battery. ARRRGGGGGHHHH!

Natalie said...

lol! That sounds like something I would do! I have had my car for about 5 years and I just (literally) learned how to unlock my car from the inside! I love my clicker as well. Any time someone needed out i would pull the key out of the ignition and click the unlock button because it was easier than trying to figure out which way was the unlock and which way was the lock on the door handle. :)