Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Diary: Peace and Love

holy experience

Dear Diary series continues as I join in with Walk with Him Wednesday from My spiritual discipline is listed at the bottom.

February 2001
Today was emotion vs. faith. Jeep and I went to get an ultrasound to see if we have a tubal pregnancy.
"You do not have a tubal pregnancy," they said, "but you will miscarry. There are vital pieces missing and the ova looks broken."
Jeep almost fainted and fell back into a chair. I started crying and said nothing.
The official radiologist was wearing a white lab coat and the technician didn't look me in the eyes.
They suggested we go back to the hospital and get some blood work done.
We do.
All day I'm fighting my thoughts.
I fight them here in this book.
I'm afraid Lord.
I don't think I can handle a miscarriage. But whatever happens Lord, I will worship You. I will say that You are good to me.
It's all in Your hands now.
(Then the Lord spoke to my heart and said that I was to call this child Shalom and He gave me this poem)

Shalom is in my heart
Shalom is in my Father's arm
Shalom, Shalom one day we'll meet
And I'll see your face of peace

There is nothing missing, nothing broken
For He has made you whole
There is nothing lacking
Nothing hurting
For He is your peace alone

Shalom, the joy you bring
With peace that makes no sense
You're in my Father's arms
Giving me complete rest
You are the very best
Kind of love.

Shalom, I am at peace
Shalom, I am at rest
You are the very best
Kind of love.

I just finished writing that poem and the phone rang.
It was the doctor.
The blood test shows that my hormone levels are going up and I may not miscarry after all.
Give me strength God.

Feb 18 2002
I started to bleed and miscarry today.
I am not sure how I feel at this point in time. I don't know what to think.
I never want to know this feeling again. It's like we've lost something we never had, but it was completely and fully ours. It was the complete picture of Jeep and I. They weren't mine, they weren't just his. Shalom was ours. And now, I think Shalom's gone.
I am NUMB.
Beyond belief, I am numb.
I love you, Shalom. Mommy loves you. You are so beautiful and precious to me. I can't wait to meet you.
What a day that will be!

February 22 2002
Praise God!
Praise God!
With all that's in me, Praise His Holy Name!
We had another ultrasound today to see why I haven't miscarried.
And on the small, so slight...Shalom's heartbeat.
I thought Shalom was gone...but the heartbeat was there.
Thank you Jesus!
My little Shalom is a fighter. And You are good.
I am still so afraid. Calm my fears, Lord. Create in my a new heart that I will trust You to be faithful to me no matter what happens.

September 29 2002
I've seen her!
Shalom is here. I've seen her face of peace.
And it is beautiful.
Thank You God! Thank You God! Thank You God!
It is only because of Your grace that I am holding my first baby, and beautiful daughter.
Lord, I give her to You.
I trust You to make me the mother that she needs me to be.
I trust You.
I will worship You and love You and say that You are good no matter what happens.
She is so beautiful Lord.
Thank You, thank You, thank You!

Shalom means 'nothing missing, nothing broken, total peace and wholeness. The radiologist said that I would miscarry because "there were things missing and the ova looked broken". And God whispered to my heart that He would bring His Shalom to my child.

This was emotional for me to put onto my blog. For I know and have wept with many whose babies have been miscarried. I want to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. I pray that this journal entry has pointed you towards Christ and to remind you that He alone can bring peace and that He alone is the very best kind of love.

For those joining from Holy Experience, my spiritual discipline is that I have purposed in my heart to say that God is good no matter what has happened and to have a heart that worships Him no matter what happens.

Shalom to you!


rachel said...

This was an amazing post! Thankyou for sharing xx

the lady of the house said...

Wow! What an amazing story... My first baby was a miscarriage. It wa trying. so hard. My second baby the doctor didn't see a heart beat and so he thought I would miscarry that too and asked me if I wanted to do a DNC - My husband are firm believers that if it is meant to happen ... it will. We waited. and waited. It didn't. His name is Paul. We never went back. Faith - so hard sometimes.

LeAnna said...

My first baby was a miscarriage, also. I so understand these emotions, and every pregnancy after has left me leaning on the arms of Christ, because fear tries to settle in from the moment I see that positive test. But, God is faithful. Despite our fear. Beautiful story of His love!

Camie said...

Wow! Thank-you for sharing this! And praise the Lord!

Blessings to you!


redeemed diva said...

Thank you ladies. I know we all walk different journeys and carry different hardships. I pray that you were encouraged even from a place that brought such a volatile sweep of emotions. Thank you for sharing your story about your children. I grieve the loss of your child and pray that God heals your heart wherever it needs healing in these matters. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just found your blog, was stopping by from the LJW's to read her guest post and thought I would read some of your posts. This is such a beautiful story of God's restoration. It is only through Him that you could have peace through such a trying time. Thank you for sharing.