Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog about that!

A conversation that took place between my sister, Amesie-laa and I on Skype.
Amesie-laa will be referred to as A
and I will be referred to as me (that's short for redeemed diva, silly!)

A:I'm folding my clothes.
me:I can see that. I love Skype.
A: As do I. So what's new?
me: Not tons. Busy with my babies, helping Jeep with photography. You'se knows...the usual.
A: How's the blog going?
me: Not bad. I guess. Writing funny is hard. How did we become funny?
A: I think it's from Grandma.
me: I think you're right.
A: The other day I was visiting her and we were looking through photos of her. And she is a 'diva'. You should see her outfits. And I said "Gigi, you are so stylish!" And she says,"Was stylish. I was stylish. Now all they have for women my age is slacks.'
me: ruckus laughter.
A: 'slacks and turtlenecks' she says.
me: (more ruckus laughter) Yes, we got our humour from Grandma.
A: Blog about that!
me: increased ruckus laughter
A: Are you writing this down?

me: I am. I am.
A: I hope so. I'm giving you good material here.
me: I know, I know. Hey, you know what I thought about doing?

me: I thought about putting up the clip of the time Sandra Bullock impersonated me.
A: I love Sandy!
me: I love that you say it like you know her.
A: Yeah. I love it that you think she impersonated you. You know who could play you? Peter Gabriel would do a good job. (Peter Gabriel is the guy with the thick eyebrows in the film "While You were Sleeping' click here)
me:I’m gonna cry! You are so mean to me.
A: Blog about that. And then link to that post about your eyebrows.
me: The No Wax Revolution? I could do that.
A: You know what's revolutionary? I mean. REV.o.LUTttttttion.ary.
me: No clue.
A: Avocado and scrambed eggs. Oh yeah. I'm going to go make some later.
me: That sounds good. I need a new thing for my avocados. A girl can only eat so much guacamole.
A: You mean 'guacamole'. Say it properly: Walk-a-mole-lay
me: Walk-a-mole-lay
A: Yeah. Bobby Flay's wife is really BIG on saying things with the correct pronunciation.
me: Good to know.
A: It's why we say 'hal-a-peen-yo' pepper and not 'ja-lop-e-no'
me: Jalapeno.
A: Jalepeno!
A: blog about that! Hey, you know what you can blog about?
me: What?
A: My neighbours.
me: You want me to blog about your neighbours?
A: yeah. Here's why. There's these new guys who live upstairs. Let me tell you, you don’t know how good you have it until your old neighbours are gone.
me: Too true
A:Anyway, I came home one night and the house smelled like cigarettes and maryjane. I shoulda known. I saw one of my neighbours friends last night. He was a total pot head and I thought "Well, that’s just ducky!!!!" I work for the police, for crying out loud.

me: That's an outrage! What ever happened to the simple days of  wearing turtle neck and slacks?
A: I know.Blog about that!


Deb said...

You are funny! I think your sis is too.

Anonymous said...

So you killed ALL the birds with one stone and blogged about that!

Jill said...

OK seriously were you transcribing this conversation as you were talking or were you recording it? Blog about that!

Anonymous said...

:) Conversations are fun!

Jenn said...


Sit A Spell said...

Wow, you must have an amazing memory to recall all of that. Why don't you BLOG about how you did that?!

I saw you at Jills blog and wanted to pop over and say HI.

LeAnna said...

Oh my, you guys are hilarious! Sisters are the best! Blog about that...
Man, that's catchy. ;)

Amy said...

Best post ever sistah! I think it's because you had such funny material to work with. (are you getting this down?) I have to admit I am digging this Deb person, she thinks I'm funny. Perhaps I'll blog about that :) Who we kidding? It's May and I've met my quota with my 2 posts for the year- lol. Thanks for the read- I still think it should be linked to the eyebrows, PG- I mean, Redeemed Diva :)

redeemed diva said...

Amy, you are not allowed to bring up PG on my blog or on the internet. I'm playing the sister keep it secret card here.And yes, yes, we all heart Deb! She is a gem. We Love Deb...I know, let's form a club!

Camie said...

hahahaha...This made me laugh! lol Blog about that...sorry couldn't resist!!