Thursday, March 4, 2010


Welcome to my first series on my blog:

Soap Opera Sayings

Tragically, I grew up watching soap operas.
Horrible filth for the mind, I must say. It warped my brain on what real relationships looked like and horribly depicted men and women and conflict and drama for me. I didn't know there was a difference between reality and fiction for a LONG time.
Mind you, I L.O.V.E.D. the drama. LOVED it. I had the VCR record the shows while I was at school so that I could stay in the loop and scream on Friday when it was a cliffhanger ending and wonder how I would survive until Monday.
(insert hand to my forehead and fainting to the floor)
My sister bought Soap Opera Digest magazine and we were devoted to finding out what will happen next, what was going on behind the scenes and who was coming to the show soon.

I know you want to know what I watched so I will tell you.
I was a die hard Another World fan. I was all about the Jake/Vicki/Ryan triangle, the Cass/Kathleen/Frankie triangle and I dreaded the name Carl Hutchins.
I also loved All My Children--I remember Kelly Ripa when she was Hayley and had very big hair. I pretty much watched General Hospital because I loved Brenda and Sonny and the big talent show that they put on at the hospital every year.
For the record, I hated the show the Young an your d the Restless...because come on, how many weddings can you have at Catherine's house? Especially when character never even comes in contact Catherine.
How long does it take Victor to come back from the dead and reveal it to his family who are grieving in the office that he is alive (two weeks to walk down the hall, approach the door, turn the door knob and then slowly open the door to the shock and fainting antics of the bottle-blonde Nikki.) That show is the most drawn out thing ever. I also didn't like Cricket/Christine and all the airtime that she got--her pursed lip smile really made me want to change the channel. Though I never did.

I was thinking the other day about how much influence soap operas had on me and how much I bought into the lies it perpetuated and then how they started to show up in my life.
It's why God's Word tells us to guard our hearts and to be careful what we look at.
Remember Lot.
He set up a camp that was facing Sodom and Gomorrah.
And the next time we see him in the Bible, he is living in the middle of it. What you set your face to you end up being engrossed in. Then it becomes the way you think, and your thoughts determine your actions and then your character.
So, in my new series of confessions, I'll be talking about how Soap Opera Sayings and Principles dominated my life and then showed up in the way I treated others...and then I'll talk about how God has put things right in my life.

Grab the toe nail polish and get ready for the drama!
But you'll have to wait until Monday...dunh,dunh,dunh!
(Insert hand to your forehead and fainting to the floor here)


the lady of the house said...

Yeah! Thanks for the cliffhanger stinker girl. :)

Tamatha said...

lol! Soap operas were definately something I was never able to get into.