Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Betty Blabbermouth

Have you ever known a Betty Blabbermouth?
I've been one. Not proud of it...now.
I have been in the past. I've been proud that I've been privy to such scandalous information or any information, really. And then I have taken it to the rooftops to blah,blah,blah it for the world to know.
And that works for a while until someone blabs on you.
And you feel that awkward embarrassing moment of your face turning red and the promise you instantly make to yourself to never share a lick of information with that person again.
Ever again.

Sometimes I find myself with a delicious gossipy piece of news. It's just ripe for someone to taste it and eat it and instantly go tell someone else all about it.
But at what cost?
The cost of friendship.
I'm learning to lay a hand over my mouth. To keep others secrets. To be a brick wall that things get whispered to.
And then I whisper them to Jesus.
I know He won't blab. He's good for it.


On the Bright Side said...

I find it really hard to keep secrets. I usually stop someone from telling me something and confess it likely won't stay with me.It's terrible! I'm a total blabbermouth!

Camie said...

I understand! I have no truoble keeping secrets but if someone has a secret to share, I'm all ears! Several years back I really had to pray against gossip as it had made way in my life, I'm so thankful for God's word on this.

Blessings to you!

Tamatha said...

ya so...there is some stuff I have been meaning to talk to you about...:o)