Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It was not on purpose...this time I mean it

We all remember this conversation, do we not?

Well, I'm taking this Novel Writing thing seriously and last night, I decided to get writing. (I am writing everyday as outlined on the website). I started at 8:30 pm. I always write by hand first because there is something that is quite artistic and therapeutic about writing by hand. Plus, I can still only type 33 words a minute so...naturally I do my first draft on paper.
After a good session of writing, I felt it was time to go to bed and hoped that hadn't gone past my 10:00 pm bedtime.

Lo and behold it was 1 am!

1 am, folks. A.M. as in after midnight.

I was completely absorbed and lost all sense of time.

But I am pleased to announce that by a rough estimate, I have written approx. 7 000 words. Only 43 000 more to go!

Stay tuned, I need help naming a character and you guys get to name her.


Anonymous said...

that's fantastic (well, not the late night part - hope you still got a good sleep!) well done :) xx

Sissy said...

Writing is hard. I write on the computer, cause I don't want to have to transcribe what I write. I think I would second guess it too often and change it. Which I do. Change it anyway.

Tamatha said...

ok....but you have to tell us a bit about her personality to get a fitting name!:o)