Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's all in me head! It's all in me head!

Have you ever had a conversation with yourself. I did. It went like this.

"Diva, you went to bed late last night."
"Do you remember what you decided?"
"No more going to bed at midnight."
"That's correct. Any idea why you fell off the band wagon?"
"Old habits die hard?"
"That's an old habit from your 20's. Remember when you didn't have as many kids and you didn't know that sleep is integral to health and skin elasticity. Remember what old people look like who have lived wild? It's not pretty, Diva. You don't want that to be you."
"I don't. It's true."
"So, what are you not going to do tonight?"
"I won't stay up late watching a movie. Ever again. And then I won't have a flabby face when I am 55."
"This time you mean it?"
"Yes. Absolutely."
"Good. Now go have some mint tea and try not to talk to yourself today."


Shari said...

Interesting conversation!

the lady of the house said...

Gosh I love your posts! You're hysterical girl!

Anonymous said...

haha! i love this. so true ;) xx

Kristy said...

Thanks for visiting me!

And I talk to myself ALL THE TIME. I don't call myself diva, but I definitely talk to myself. :-) And its not just in my head either.

I just try to pass it off as if I'm talking to the dogs - I know they won't tell on me.

Tamatha said...

:o)......oh Holly:o)

TobyLauren said...

You are funny stuff! This sounds like me. Let's be sisters.

Thanks for the wit and wisdom, sister!