Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Does anyone else here suffer from blog envy?

I do.
This isn't the first time I've written about being jealous.
Jealousy. Coveting. Envy. It's all green and I find that it's happening to me as I look at blogs lately.
It's starts with a simple..."ohhh, look what they are doing?"
And then it moves to..."I would write a blog just like this if I lived there."
And then, the ominous, "Why don't I have a house that looks like that?"
"Hey, I should take up knitting. Everybody's doing it!"
"You know what I need to do? I need to craft more. I need to buy more crafty things or junk that I can re-finish and make look crafty."
"Why is my blog only about God's grace in the midst of my embarrassing moments that I seem to collect like a bad hobby? Why aren't I showing the world how to make paper from leftover spaghetti noodles or use dryer lint to make an emergency shelter? Where are my skills???"


And then, you read over what you've just written and you say, "It sounds very childish to be jealous."

So, you pull your thumb out of your mouth and you go back to looking at blogs and make an imaginary list of things you want to day.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know how to make an emergency shelter out of lint or noodles into paper. It was joke.


Anonymous said...

yes! on a frequent basis! haha i am so glad it's not just me!

(uhm hi i just found your blog following a link form a link from a...well, you get the idea. going to add you if you don't mind. in a nice "i'm not jealous i just like to read. also: not a stalker" sort of way...i'm rachel *waves*)

Amy said...

HAHAHA! Paper out of kill me.

FYI--everyone (well, most) has blog envy. I wish I was as funny as you!! so there.

BTW--I love your blog!!

Sissy said...

Yes, I get totally jealous of bloggers who get many, many, many comments. I wish I had more readers. It's a popularity thing. I just want to be a cheerleader, right...not in the marching band.

I get it, then I get over it. My blog is what my blog is and your blog is wonderful. Sometimes simple is best.

Shaun and Holly said...

Well, no actually. BUT, so many Blogs do inspire me!! I just love Blogs!! :)

Tamatha said...

Do I get blog envy? I don't think so! Am I in denial..???...or do I just not??? I am not sure!lol