Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Flashback: And that's why I don't drink lemonade

OK, before Friday Flashback begins...I must tell you to come back here on Monday. That's right...come back Monday. Semi-sorta biggish news being announced then.

When I was little I drank some lemonade. I thought it was gross. It rolled around in my mouth for a minute and then I spit it back in my glass.

And then I poured the glass back into the pitcher.

"What did you just do?" Big sister Lori Ann said with her most authoritative voice that mimicked my Mom's angry voice.
Fear and trembling fell upon me, so I decided to omit certain truths. "Nothing."
"I saw you. I saw you gargle the lemonade, put it in the cup and then into the pitcher."
I just stared blankly, hoping the incident would go away.
"That is dis-gus-ting! Do you know what you just did? No one can drink that now. You put all your germy germs in their and now no one can have that."
"Well, I didn't like it."
"That's no excuse," Lori Ann said, once again sounding quite motherish. "You are going to drink this whole jug now."
Here's the thing. Lori Ann was bigger than me, she was six years older and babysitting me and she had this really firm grip on my arm. So I relented and started to drink the jug of lemonade, gagging the whole time.
Well, you can only get so far before the inevitable happens.
"I have to go pee, Lori."
"I do. I have to go."
"Fine, but you're still drinking the lemonade. Don't think this bathroom trick is going to get you out of anything."
There I was, on the toilet. My little seven year old self drinking and peeing lemonade.
It was a rude and harsh introduction to manners when it comes to double dipping.
But it worked.
Scarringly, so.
And that's why I don't like yellow beverages.

How about you? What was your Friday Flashback about manners? Was it as horrifying as mine or quite pleasant?


Cyndi said...

Sorry about that lemonade thing - that will scar you for life. When I was about the same age Steak and kidney pie was on the menu. I liked the steak and the pie stuff but no so much the kidney. So I sucked them clean and lined them up on my plate. My father, on the other hand, likes kidney so he started popping them in his mouth, until he stopped and asked why they were all so clean....

Anonymous said...

I have a yucky story. I swear that it's true! When I was about 7 my older sister was babysitting me. I had to pee but was afraid to go upstairs (to the bathroom) alone. So I asked her to come with me. "No!", she said. So...I was like: "Well, I have to peeee......!" To which I was told: Go to the kitchen and pee in the sink for all I care...". little 7 year old self DID just that. *hanging my head in shame* Boy did my sister get in trouble when my mom heard about it. AND i bet she bleached out that sink...HA!

Tamatha said...

POOP FLOATS! My story...that comes to mind now is this: I was swimming one day with my brother and some friends in the lake. I had to go to the bathroom...but did not really want to get out of the water. So I went a few feet away from where everyone else was and pulled my bathing suit back and let it go. Much to my amazement...suddenly there was a brown log floating beside me...and I panicked. I grabbed it and went under the water...and burried it in the sand. Just then my brother noticed I was acting funny and asked me what I was doing. I said nothing of course. Then panicked again as there was a floatie by me again. This time I burried it deeper...and didn't see it again!lol