Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like chewing cud-only not-since I'm not a cow

Trust in the LORD, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
Psalm 37:3

I've been feeding on His faithfulness today.

Just thinking, and reminiscing on how faithful He is and how dramatic He can be when He comes through at what seems like the last possible moment. Here are a few to share with you:

-The x-ray technician told us that we would miscarry our first child. He looked at the screen and showed us how the egg was imploding, told us that there were vital parts missing and that if we looked at what he was showing us we would see a very broken beginning.
We went home that day and prayed. I told the Lord that I would worship Him and call Him good no matter what happened. I believed Him for a miracle but trusted all things to His care. He spoke the word "Shalom" to me and gave me a poem to go with it. I looked up the Hebrew meaning of the word Shalom and it means "complete peace, total wholeness, nothing missing, nothing broken." And that's exactly how my daughter was born.

-At 9:27 pm one night, the Lord instructed me to stop what I was doing and pray for protection over my husband. I found Psalm 91 and declared the Lord's promises. My husband came home one hour later. The vehicle he was in what side swiped while stopped at a red light by a vehicle that was traveling 80 km/h.
It left a small dent and nothing more.

-My husband shared with me how he felt the Lord was telling him to go on paternity leave when we had our last child. At first, I panicked knowing it would cut our single-income family to an even more meager amount. As I prayed, the Lord only spoke to me with the simple words of "Trust Me." My husband went on sabbatical, much to the derision of family members.( I love how he would rather be obedient to God than to anyone else). He had no promise of a job as he took sabbatical, but got on His face before God and pursued His presence like nobody's business. When we had a $200 commitment that needed to be paid and we waited on God to provide, our church called saying that someone had donated some money for us and left it with them.
It was the exact amount we needed.
My husband went to Africa--a dream that he's always had in his heart. In three weeks, a five thousand dollar trip was fundraised. Money that came from very unlikely places. And nothing we could do ourselves as we were on...a meager income. He came home and reminded me that paternity benefits would run out in the next week and a half. We prayed for about two minutes--we knew that the Lord had specified this time off for His purpose in our lives-- so we knew He would provide a job.
And He did. The guy who took over for my husband left that job a week before our paternity pay ran out. My husband had his old job back. A job he loves.

-My father died 19 years ago today. I found myself fatherless.
. But then He found me. He picked up my broken heart and broken life and gave me His Son who died broken so that I could be whole. Nothing missing, nothing broken. Totally whole.

For this feast, I give thanks. Shalom.


rachel said...

what a fantastic post and great testimony...He is faithful! :)

the lady of the house said...

Sure is hard to trust, let alone listen... I DID miscarry my first pregnancy and my second - I had the doctor tell me on the first visit that it should be a lot bigger and there was no heartbeat so he wanted us to schedule a D & C and without hesitation I told him NO, we'll wait and if it is his will this baby will be and if not it won't and it was - we had Pauly 9 mo. later... I know that whole feeling of chewing your cud and waiting and trying to listen and be faithful! Thanks for this message - it sure came at the right time for me...

Shane said...

Great testimonies! How amazing is our God! Not only in good times, but also in times of need!

I just spent 6 weeks in Israel, and "Shalom" is the greeting there. What a great word!

God bless!

Brambleberry said...

Our God is an awesome God.