Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Of course I did this tonight because of what I cooked for dinner

I miss-my childhood

I am so loving my newly painted kitchen!

I wish - that my house was fantastically clean and perfectly organized. As in ,I never have to clean again!

Something that made me laugh recently -was today's game of Poetry Theatrics. It's a game my kids and I made up. Somebody picks a topic and you immediately have to perform a poem that you are making up on the spot. Today my poem was The Pirate Thief!

I'm hungry for - a hug from my hubby. I miss my man.

I'm listening to my daughter saying that I am a yummy mommy and delicious to eat.

My girls are dancing around and singing and jumping up and down

Anndrew is - in his high chair

Dinner tonight is - Indian Chicken Masala with clove-spiced rice and traditional Naan bread. The secret is in the sauce, my friends. It's all about using cinnamon sticks over crushed cinnamon.

I'm drinking water

I would like to know how to get strike through font style working on my blog. Help? Anyone know?

I see out the window -snow, snow, wet street, snow

Now I'm going to introduce you to a new blog pal.

I borrowed this little survey from my new blog buddy-Her Household. She's got an inner diva and some serious style. Check her out here!

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the lady of the house said...

You are too cute ... doing this just because of what your cooking for dinner - that made me throw back my head and laugh (Hey! Sounds super good I <3 Indian Food! I love your comments on my blog - You are totally witty and fun! Love the yummy mommy, hysterical!