Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, for the love of Monte Cristo Sandwiches!

Thanks for all those great comments from my last post!
After I read them, I re-read my post and realized that, in some ways, it sounded like a desperate cry for some blog-love for this diva.
I want to put your mind at ease. If I was desperate and wanted to shamelessly ask for blog-love, it would go something like this:

Nobody loves me
Everybody hates me
Think I'll go eat worms...

How I wish someone cared. I wonder if anyone reads my blog. I'm mean really...what's the point anymore...I might as well pull the plug on my imac and call 'er quits. Siggggggghhhhhh. Why doesn't anyone care?
Does anyone care?
Do you care????
Do you?
You should.

Naturally, I would never even contemplate such a selfish post. I've got better things to do. Like bonding with my library's copy of Rachael Ray's Express Lane Meals. I'm rockin' the love boat with these wafflewiches.
Doesn't everyone want one?
Don't you want one????
Don't you?
You should.


Anonymous said...

um those look delicious. Can you overnight one to Richmond? :>

Jen said...

I am trying to figure out what is in the waffleitch, at first glance I thought Brie and cranberry which would be totally delicious, just not picturing it in a is it a jam? Help! I am very curious!

redeemed diva said...

J--would love to overnight myself to Richmond and make 'em for you. Miss you loads and loads

Jen--good guess! It's actually fresh mozarella and cranberry. You have to try it! It is delish!

Holly said...

That looks SO YUMMY!!!

the lady of the house said...

Oh I do! Delish! My husband is a huge fan I should learn how to make a Monte Cristo - and I envy your blog it is so totally fabulous with the little shoe details... here is the girl that is jealous!

redeemed diva said...

Thanks Holly. They are good! You should give em a try once you are done with your hubby's food challenge!

Lady Divine--you're funny, which is why I love your blog and drool over your front door!!! Blog envy has us both, my dear! Trust me on this, though, try the sandwich!

Ange said...

Those look SOOO good... I'm going to make one!

Tamatha said...

mmmm....I know what ingredients I am going to put on my next shopping list!:o)