Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Flashback: His glory revealed

My sister twisted both of her ankles once. We were supposed to dance our duet, a duet we had spent months working on. But you don't dance on twisted ankles.
We got together as a family and started to pray. My sister felt strongly that she was to get up and jump and praise the Lord. You don't jump on twisted ankles.
She got up,in faith, and started to jump. And then cry, laugh and dance.
"My feet feel like they are on fire. He's healing me. He's healing me!"
And she danced because He makes you dance on twisted ankles.

People die. Some never get healed. Some never become whole on this earth. It doesn't change the fact that He heals. That He is the Healer and the Great Physician.

Some people remain faithful to Him. I've been pondering a statement I read here:

During my dad’s journey with ALS, I had always assumed that a miraculous healing would have most definitely brought God the most glory. Until recently, I didn’t pause to consider that maybe, just maybe, my dad’s unwavering faith through one of the most disabling diseases out there could have glorified God, possibly more than a miracle healing. I don’t have the bird’s eye view of the mysterious ways of God but would it be possible that the faith of God’s people through the storms of life bring more glory to Him than a miracle?

I believe that both experiences bring glory to His name. We were made to bring Him glory and all things. In vacuuming, in serving, In working, in living and dying. It is all for the King!


TobyLauren said...

Diva, I need to get you to write for the WISDOM Family again. Are you game? The theme is Support, and there is so much to be said, shared, demonstrated and offered.

Whaddaya say? I love your style. =)

Cyndi said...

It is a mystery indeed..I have seen healings here on earth and I've seen people leave the earth to receive their healing in heaven - a brand new start!

Holly said...

very, VERY good!!!