Thursday, November 5, 2009

Under cover

We're under the weather
So we're under the covers
Sneezing and coughing
Spewing and sputters

We're snuggled up on the couch
Reading books, drinking tea
We read Shakespeare's Tempest
A man-made storm on the sea

We learned about germs
And our body's system of defense
Then we read Rudyard Kipling
And had a big rest

We listened to the Arabian tales
of fair Shahrazad
And said that snuggling while sick
wasn't all that bad

Robert Munsch entertained us
as we ate bowls of grapes
We looked up the word 'curtiosity'*
and fables of apes

Later, we did word puzzles
and coughed in our sleeves
watched avalanches on you tube
and talked of disease

Finished the Gospel of Mark
and ate crackers of graham
Then tried to stop squabbling
that broke out into mayhem

Now the day is all done
And was like any other
Because we cozied up on the couch
Under the covers

1 comment:

Tamatha said...

I met Robert Munsch a few years ago in person! My friend Elizabeth got him to sign one of her books she had of his. He came to a graduation at the girls home.