Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Looking for a place to hide in the waiting room

Today was wonderful. I got to hear our baby's heartbeat! SuperGirl was quite thrilled about it and that made it so much more special.

My girls were so well behaved in the waiting room, and it wasn't just because Missie-Moo was asleep on her Dad's shoulder for most of it.

Earlier in the day, I practiced with the girls about how to behave at the doctor's office. We played a fun game of office and the girls seemed pretty confident about what to do and what not to do. Practicing ahead of time has been a necessary tool of late since my two year old's curiousity level has sky rocketed and my eldest thinks it's funny to chase her and make things escalate.
We go in.
They wait patiently.
We hear the baby's heart beat.
I pee in a cup.
It's all dandy.

But then came the blood work...

My husband, who left work to be there for the appointment, has to get back to work. While I was "filling the cup" he generously got my children some candy....and then left to go back to work. Sugar works it's magic and suddenly my girls are putting on a show for everyone in the lab waiting room who is waiting to get their blood drawn or pee in a cup.

They squirm, they fight over who gets to sit next to me, they threaten to take off their boots...with a smile on my face, I threaten both to behave or consequences will be experienced. They take off their boots.
And as I prepare to inflict...ahem...dole out justice, my name is called and I, once again, get to go pee in a cup.
I get my bloodwork done with minor incident. The smart lab technician, who probably has kids of her own, offers them a sticker and my girls calm down enough for me to get all the blood work done.

It wasn't so bad.

In the end, I didn't have to hide from embarrassment.
I left with two content kids with Winnie the Pooh stickers and the certain feeling that I did not want to drink anything later that resembles pee in a cup.