Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Hiding Place and Refuge

The shower has become to me, of late:
a great place to hide
a perfect place to cry
a desperately needed prayer closet

The Lord is my light and the one who saves me.
So why should I fear anyone?
Lord protects my life.
So why should I be afraid?

Psalm 27 :1


Holly said...

Hugs and love to you...

Brambleberry said...

It's good to have a safe place to cry. To cry out to the Lord. I am praying that He is very near to you today.

Daughter of the King said...

If I was there I would bake you a big batch of Keno Cookies. Every time I see a my little pony I think of you all. Give the girls my love.

Cheryl said...

I'm with you... I love the shower or my tub.
Often I hear alot from God in this place.

Praying peace and comfort for you.