Thursday, March 13, 2008

And the light goes on!

I just figured out what my problem has been?

Duh! I'm pregnant.
The last few days have been emotionally draining and now I remember why: I'm pregnant. Meaning: massive amounts of hormones in my body affecting my brain.
Here's how I figured it out.

I went to our local Home and Garden Show. I never bring cash with me to these events because I just go to look and not to buy.
Anyway, I brought the $5.00 cash to get in and when I pulled up, there was an additional fee of $2.00 for parking. A lousy twoonie that I did not have on me. When I tried to pay with debit I was told in a matter-of-fact way, "Oh, we don't have debit."

And then something snapped.
I looked at this woman in her fifties and I nearly swore at her.
For no real reason.
I just nearly spoke some four lettered blue language to her.
That has never happened before.
I could never understand why people can swear at someone and then move on like nothing horrible has been said, but... I almost did it.
Then when she told me I could drive to the restaurant across the road and use their cash machine, my eyes filled up with tears and I nearly burst out crying.
A few minutes later, I did.

After I got my money, I was raging mad and raced a vehicle through the parking lot to get a spot back in line in front of them. Then nearly drove away without my $13.00 change. I parked the van and burst into tears.
SuperGirl looked at me,"Mom, why are you crying?"
"I don't know!!!!!"
And then suddenly, I did know.
The light went on. The moment of epiphany happened.
I remembered that I am pregnant and have way more hormones than normal.
The realization was enough to make me swear.

But I didn't.


Jen said...

So you ARE expecting...guess I haven't visited in a while!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!We have all been in that moody place of pregnancy and understand completely...thankfully, you only ALMOST swore at the parking lady!!!!
Moving in the first trimester....uggghhhh!
Where did you find the energy?

Blessings to you all!

Brambleberry said...

Oh how I relate to you! I talked to a girlfriend in January about my frustration with complete lack of patience with my kids, etc.

I just COULD NOT figure out what my problem was. Until I took that little test. Suddenly, everything became so much more clear. Aha! It's not that I'm a mean person! I'm just a pregnant person! :)

Here's to a hormone filled journey.

Rhonda said...

Don't you just love hormones!! It's amazing how they can take over our bodies..and minds.

Congratulations and I hope that you are able to enjoy. :)

Tamatha said...

oh dear!