Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apparently, I'm Gonzo...I guess that makes sense!

The Great Gonzo
Ah, it's good to be back.
Last night I attended my friend, Andrea's, birthday party. I haven't seen her for over a year so it was great to see her (and share her dark chocolate birthday cake)!At the party was some of my favourite people, who I have missed immensely while I've been away. And there were new people too. I enjoy meeting new people.
At one point in the night...after the steak encrusted with dark chocolate sauce (soooo good)...we got into a discussion about why Schwazenegger should move to Canada and run for Prime Minister. There were those at the table who love his recent "green" decisions for California. I'm not a Kyoto supporter (why put the country in unneccessary debt when you can move forward without submerging our economy?) but he has made some commendable decisions. Anyway, I said that anyone who could make the ZENN (zero energy no noise) car legal in our country would definitely get my respect. I mean, come on, the ZENN car is only manufactured in this country, it makes no sense that it's only legal to own one in British Columbia!
Anyway, at the end of the evening and after a highly embarrassing rendition of "Happy Birthday", Andrea decided to give us stickers for attending her party. They were Muppet stickers and after some very serious personal reflection I realized that I am Gonzo...and it's not because I love chicken, either.
A great evenings with friends. A late night cup of tea with my friends Helena and Renae. Stimulating conversation laced with Renae's amazing sense of humour and Helena's wisdom and sense of propriety.
I love this town. Good people live here.
In the words of Gonzo, "Stop the presses!"
News Editor: Why? What just happened?
Gonzo: I don't know. I just always wanted to say that.

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Anonymous said...

I think this means that you have to move out to BC so that you can buy one of those special cars:)