Monday, September 20, 2010

Tae Kwon Do you know where you are?

My eldest wants to take Tae Kwon Do.

No problem.
Like any good mother would, I call the local Tae Kwon Do place. We live in a small town so I google the number and call the one place that's in town.

"Ma'am, you can come and observe a class any night of the week. Monday to Thursday between 5-6 pm."

Great! I take a quick look at the address off of google: 2212 12 Ave, memorize it and hop in the car with my girl.

And we drive down to 12 ave.
The Industrial section of town. We cruise up and down the street looking for our Tae Kwon Do place. My gut gives me this vibe that the gym ain't in the Industrial Park.
I vaguely remember being at a rummage sale at a church that was holding a Tae Kwon Do class. I head over to the church in hopes that I am just confused.

No one is there.
No activity is happening.
Everything is still and silent.

Back in the car to answer the questions of my bright 8 year old who wants to know why I didn't write down the address.
I ignore the question.
I stop a young man with scraggy hair on the street. My desperate voice asks if he knows where it is.
"Uh, yeah, go to the end of this street, turn right at Queen's Hotel, it's on your left."
Perfect! Finally a youth of the community leads the way for an elder member.

I follow his directions. I drive up and down the street three times.
My upstanding youth has now become a little punk, in my eyes.
It's no where to be seen.

I drive home.
I call the number on my google screen and find out from Courtney, the receptionist, that they are right by the Salvation Army.
I am convinced I'm blind because I drove past the Salvation Army three times and saw nothing.

The next day we head out at the same time because Courtney says, "We'll be there."
I google the address, write it down and head out.
We drive down to the Industrial section. And since there is no Salvation Army at that end of town, I drive down to the other end of town. I drive up and down that street and see nothing.

My brain is truly puzzled...until I think about how our local town and the nearest big city are part of the same Tae Kwon Do club.
And then I remember that the one in the big city is right next to a Salvation Army.
And then I realize I've been an idiot and depended on Google a little too much.

On a whim, I drive over to the church and what do I find?
Yes, that's right.
A Tae Kwon Do class, in session, like it is every Thursday night.

Because I, yes I oh-brilliant-mother-that-I-am had Googled and called the wrong Tae Kwon Do club and drove around trying to locate it in my town.

I think this is a new personal low in the "Oblivious to the Obvious" portion in my life.


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Catz said...

Hiya Diva,
Worth looking up WTF and ITF styles of taekwon-do - they are similar but with some important differences. It is not a case of one being better than the other but you might find it useful to check out what each style offers.