Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LeTT3rs &Num3r0's to get my point across

Don't you love chatting online with family or friends who you haven't seen in forever?
Invariably, you get close to the end and it's time to sign off.
I find the following funny:

THEM: Hey, gotta get going
ME: Ok, love ya lots. Say hi to the fam for me.
THEM:You bet.
ME: Miss you, too, eh?
THEM: I miss u 2
ME: Thanks. Love you
THEM: Loves x 10
ME: See ya
THEM: Bye, Patch.
ME: I thought we agreed we wouldn't call me that any more
THEM: Verbal agreement. Strictly verbal.
ME: PunK with a capital K
THEM: I thought you said you loved me
ME: I thought you said you had to go?
THEM: True.
ME: uh-huh
THEM: Buh-bye
ME: Bye
THEM: Love you
ME: Love you x 100
THEM:See you
ME: Okay.
ME: Bye

Okay, at this point I am thinking four things:
*how long can this one word goodbye go on for?
*I thought you had to get going...oh, I see, it was merely a ruse. You don't really have to go, you were just coming bored with me
*Don't go!!!! We haven't talked long enough and I miss you, wish you were here and love you x a million
* Shucks! I forgot to make reference to the WAZZUP commercial from three years ago (true! True!)


Christine said...

This must be while on FB, I hide my status. If I want to talk to someone, I'll email them or call. When I didn't hide my status, I had 3 lame conversations going on at once. Hated it.

Taylor said...

L8R is super clever!
Your comments are open! Yay! :)

Jill said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels the goodbyes linger too long on chats. I say just don't answer and they'll know you took their good bye at face value. : )

Natalie said...

haha! I did this just this morning with my mom-in-law! She said she had to go and then dropped a bomb of info on me and I was like, "you can't tell me something like that and then just get offline," which of course, extended our conversation a little bit longer! lol