Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aslan and Table Runners

Every time I listen to “The Back of the North Wind “ with my children, and it reaches the end, I spend about ten minutes crying and telling Jesus I love Him and that His eyes are beautiful to behold.
After I calm down, I also am grateful that that book was written...because if it hadn’t been inspiration for CS Lewis, what would life be like without the Chronicles of Narnia?
I broke down and bought one of those fantastic table runners it seems that everyone in blog world has in their homes that they constantly showcase (and brag that they made it all happen for fifteen dollars, spray paint and a few globs of modgepodge.)
My table runner was on sale.
Fifteen dollars.
Thank you, Pier One.
Then my kids ate at the table. After two meals it needed cleaning.
Company was coming over and I pulled it off the table, threw it in the laundry room and didn’t give it another thought.
I pulled my purple sweater out of the wash yesterday and wondered at all the strange lint that was stuck to it.
Then I pulled out my mangled table runner that said “Spot Clean Only.”
New decisions that have been made from this encounter:
I really need to start reading labels
I really need to stop being trendy like most blog homes I see on the net
There is no point having anything lovely on my table until my kids are past the spilling everything stage
No more going into Pier One and buying table runners
New thoughts that emerged:
Will my kids ever stop spilling things?
How will I get this sweater cleaned?
Am I going to be one of those old ladies who hides all her nice things when the grandkids come to visit and follow them around with a vacuum?


Brambleberry said...

1. No. Your kids will not stop spilling things.

2. Could you just rewash the sweater?

3. I'm pretty sure by the time you're a grandma, you'll have chillaxed alittle. :) Grandmas tend not to care about "stuff"...we still get to care while we are moms. ;)

Jamie~ said...

Or you could be one of those grandmas who covers everything with plastic and then giggles with glee when people slide off.

Sorry about the sweater.
Sorry about the tablerunner.
Darn that Pier One. Don't worry, I don't have one of those table runners either. I have children.

PS I love Jesus, too!

midwest mama said...

No, they never stop spilling things:-)

Maybe you will be one who leaves all her precious pretties out when the grands come over and gives them the evil eye if they dare to touch;-)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

You may join my club. I haven't spray painted a ding dang thing in my life. I'm seriously considering it though. You see, I have this gold lamp...

Okay and you kill me. Maybe you should buy some plastic couch covers.

redeemed diva said...

It would seem that plastic covers are the way to go here. I will tuck this little gem away and perhaps use it in my golden years.
And forkicks, maybe I'll get an old record player with an ABBA record

Natalie said...

Sad day! I am sorry about your table runner and sweater. The only plus I can think of at this time is at least your washing machine didn't eat your sweater and ruin it because it looks like it got into a fight with a bear and lost...and I am sure your kids will one day move out. Then you can bring out the table runner :)

Nicole said...

I have never owned or used a table runner in my life. I think they're pretty, but I have no where (safe) to put one. ;) We can be un-trendy together, mmkay?

I have seriously considered a plastic table cloth; but then it would just be one more thing to clean, you know? So my pine table stays unadorned... and I just wipe it down with a sponge every so often.