Friday, September 10, 2010

Death of a Talking Toy

I've done something I'm not proud of.

And yet, here I am, oh-so-willing to admit it to my readers.
Perhaps this will be a cleansing of the soul-- a redemption of sorts.

My son.
My pure and innocent son.
He owns a toy.

Not just any toy.
A toy that talks.
A toy that makes noise.

A lot of noise.

I saw him playing with this toy in the bath tub water.
And I thought, "I should pull that toy out before it gets wrecked."
And then I thought, "Or maybe not."
Water has destroyed a great many of things...why not make annoying talking toys another one of its casualties?

These things happen.

Or so I will tell myself tonight should I have trouble falling asleep over choosing to do nothing while a toy met it's demise.

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