Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Because who doesn't want to hang out with a guy named Ned??

Friends, my woes over my cooking fiascoes are over.
The answer has come to me via a book. Blessed book.
I introduce to you my redemption:

Come on, friends. We all know that mastery of skill that Nancy had. She danced in the Ringmaster's secret, skied down the alps and easily molded pottery. She met every challenge. And whether or not you think the recipes are hers or that handy housekeeper of hers, the proof will be in my pudding and how well it's made.


Jenny said...

WHERE did you find this? amazing! I thought nancy drew was the coolest chick in the world when I was in grade school. ok maybe I still do, a little bit :> Let me know how the recipes are

Sissy said...

What year is that from? I gotta know.