Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm a grandmother!

My daughter announced she was pregnant today...with the air pocket packing that comes in the box with books from
Anyway, she first had 6 kids, and then 5 more. Thank goodness she is not an "octo-mom", I don't think we could handle the barrage of media or the number of family members who would come out of the woodwork announcing that "that Grandmother is not stable."
So, I am a grandmother to two fuzzy ducks, a baby tiger, three teddy bears, an elephant, a multi-coloured horse, a Pooh bear, a lady bug and a Lego.
I'm going shopping for them...not matter how unstable it makes me look.


Shaun and Holly said...

Haha!! Nothing like a proud Granny!

Daughter of the King said...