Thursday, January 31, 2008

Favourite TV ads when I was growing up

I loved this Michael J Fox Pepsi ad. I use to drink Pepsi just because of this ad. And because it was Mom's favourite

This ad made me bang stuff around afterwards

Oh, Amy...remember when we would steal Aunt Edie's gum just so we could try and put it in our mouth the way they do in this ad!haha


Tamatha said...

lol....I remember most of them!

halfpint said...

I haven't posted on your blog before but I tried to awhile back on the one about lilacs....I got frustrated and gave up. My husband is the computer guy. I tried watching the t.v. blurbs but our computer is slow so it is choppy! We moved in January of last year, what a busy time. Unfortunately I am bad at purging the junk in our house. I have since finished the Anne series again and yes I enjoy the Kingsbury books as well. (although they do seem to get healed etc real often, not saying it isn't possible of course)Have you read Jan Karon's mitford series? I enjoyed it and the first book in her new 'Father Tim' series. I am keeping busy with a prego belly. Number 'four' child. blessings and happy New Year. A fellow Anne friend.

LL said...

I remember every one of those ads! How funny!