Friday, January 25, 2008

Sorting socks

Have you ever started out one day feeling better than better and then shortly after you feel as though you are two miles past wrong? It's as though you made a flight plan from Seattle, WA to Toyko, Japan and when you were punching in all your numbers and settings for your plane to be set at, you punched in one degree of latitude less. At first, it doesn't seem like a big deal. You are only slightly off the mark. You are still heading in the same direction. Only shortly after, you suddenly find yourself having to make an emergency landing in the Yukon because you now see that one degree might have not made a big difference in the beginning, but it sure makes a big difference after 4 hours. And you realize that if you don't take this ememrgency landing now, that you may miss your last chance of getting where you are supposed to go and being able to land safely.
That's where I am today. I am at the emergency stop in Yukon. Not literally. Only figuratively.

It's almost like my life right now feels like a bag of socks. There are always those socks that needing matching and pairing after the laundry. And every once in a while you find a loose sock with no mate. So, you stick it in a sock bag and after a while you dump out the contents of the sock bag to see if the two lone socks have met up with each other. Sometimes they have and you're relieved that the dryer didn't eat them. And then sometimes you can't match the loose sock to anything...not after four consecutive times of being a member of the sock bag. And after awhile, you have about 5 or 7 socks that have no partner, no matching piece, and they no longer make sense in your life. The easy solution is to throw them out (or turn them into sock puppets for your two year old). But, the romantic, hopeful side of you says,"Wait, I'll just give these guys one more chance. Maybe, just maybe, on the next wash, the dryer will release it back into my hands."
But that never happens.
And time goes on and you have all these socks that just need to been thrown out. They are good for no purpose.
That's where I am today. Stuck with a bunch of pieces of my life that don't add up or make sense. And they aren't even really big issues or important matters. They are just all these tiny things that are taking up space, yet don't really matter. Yet, I'm still hesitant to throw them away. After all, they did serve a purpose once.

And so that's where I am today: in Yukon, on an emergency landing, with a bag full of mismatched socks.

I hope that makes sense.


Jenny said...


Life can be so frustrating. and suddenly, there God is, with an emergency flight plan to get you back where you're supposed to be, and a reminder that he's going to give you better socks anyway. One's that don't have any holes in the toe.
Love you!

Brambleberry said...

It made perfect sense.

When God hands you a bag of socks, it's time to make sock puppets.

Or something.

Hope they all find purpose...or that you can filter through the things that need to be set aside.

Tamatha said...

Yes did make sense. Scary but yes...I follow.hehe

Jen said...

I love your analogies Holly...and your thinking.
I have gotten so fed up with the oodles of odd socks that I HATE searching out the mate for....where DO they go? I have gotten so that after a few washes and no mate, I put them in the drawers of the owner....hoping that ONE day they will be reunited with their mate. In the end, I have kids with drawers full of socks that don't match and cries for new socks.

I am thinking I will teach them to embrace the new fad in schools here, of wearing mismatched socks. Specialty stores are actually selling pre-mismatched socks!
Maybe I should clean out my drawers and make some money!

Tucking the "socks" away, has not proven very fruitful....maybe a good house cleaning is in order.
Thanks for the thoughts.