Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cheeky husband breaks onto blog

(REUTER) In a surprising twist of events, Jeep (Allie's husband and fellow blog author) has admitted to tampering with her blog, hence the previous post of the ice cream question.
When interviewed Allie had this to say. "Frankly, I was quite shocked. I logged onto my blog and I suddenly saw words that weren't my own. It was very disturbing, actually. I may need therapy to cream therapy, of course."
Jeep was unavailable for comment but sources revealed that when questioned about hacking into his wife's blog and posting on it that he blushed and responded with, "So?"
Further investigation revealed that Jeep did not hack onto the blog, but rather wrote on it after his wife failed to log out.
Moral of the story: You snooze, you lose...precious blog space.


Brambleberry said...

Funny, I did notice that you had changed your writing style, just so slightly...

Completely hilarious!

Tamatha said...