Saturday, November 24, 2007

The ever delicate dance of the fish and the bird...

You know the Jewish proverb? The one that is quoted in the film, "Ever After" : A fish may love a bird, Senora, but where would they live?"
Sometimes, I feel like the fish. I love to swim around, do my thing, no schedule, no order...just free to be a fish. However, life...and in particular, married life requires a certain amount of routine and order for the practical day to day living.
This past week I was complaining to my husband about how I just didn't feel "on top of" a few certain things. His honest reply--and oh, how he is always so honest!--was simply,"it's because you have no system or routine in place for these things."
Grrr!He's right. I love to be spontaneous and go with the flow. But the truth of the matter is, I am best able to be spontaneous and go with the flow when I have an organized mind and an organized space.
For the past week, I've put everything on hold and just focused on re-organizing everything that has been a stumbling block for me. I've rooted out the things that were low priorities for me but I felt I needed to hang onto them because, well, insert a reason here. It's a vague one, at best.
The point is, now that I am "getting on top of things" so to speak, I do have systems in place. I am realizing that most of the things that set me off-kilter was just a collection of non-essential things trying to grab for my attention. But now everything is finding it's place again-in my head and my home.
And now I know where a bird and a fish would live.


Shari said...

A life of order really equals a life ready for the unexpected.

I thrive on having order in my life it enables me to savour the surprises that come my way!!

Amy said...

I love order.
I feel so much better when I am husband loves that of me...but often rattles his chain! lol.
Sometimes though, I do wish I was like a to swim freely.... But I am grateful for whom God made ME!
Enjoy YOU...organized or not!

Brambleberry said...

I can totally the order and the chaos.

Order is great. Chaos is fun. But, you're right...better to have organized chaos.

Tamatha said...

Order is nice...I like it here and at work:o)