Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photos that didn't make the cut!

So, I'm on top of the whole preparing myself for Christmas...or so I think. I got our family photos done two weeks ago. Total gong show...the best part was that we got to hang out almost all day with our friends Cody and the amazing photographer, Amanda. I got a perm four days before our shoot--which promptly fell out of my hair to give me the "just got off a motorcycle but didn't wear a helmet" look or the ever popular "I forgot how to use a hairbrush" look.
Went to get the girls hair cut. Had to cancel the appointment. I did their hair as best I could but by the time we got to the photo part the barrettes hiding any possible craziness had fallen out, gotten lost or were used as a stirring stick for the leaf-pile-pie. This year's photos: we are completely and utterly ourselves! Au naturelle. Here are some pics that didn't quite make the cut. Reasons why are posted underneath.
This one's great. Here are the thought processes of everyone in this photo
A-Mom, I want to get down!
Allie-'Manda, take the picture. My hair is being pulled and I can't keep this smile forever
Jeep-I think my daughter just filled her pants...
B-Heehee! I just filled my pants!
This photo is so great! I love it. From various scheduling problems, our fall pictures ended up being well past the "lovely autumn" and straight into the "rotting fall". These leaves were crisp and dry and Peter and I felt completely fake as we endeavoured to mimic a happy fall leaf fight (that I had suggested). Instead, we mocked ourselves and our idealism of capturing a Martha Stewart happy holiday. And Amanda's camera just kept clicking*:)
Hehehe! Oh, my sis, Ames is sure to comment!

I love this one. Jeep and me being...Jeep and me.
Does anyone believe that this was taken days before November 1st? And, it still looks like this..well, the grass may not be as Photoshop green, but still-the weather's great here. The concept of this shot is fun-I love it.
This picture is our paid homage to studio portraits. You know what I mean. Everyone is looking somewhere, but no one is looking at exactly the same spot.
I sooo wanted to make this one our family portrait. But my Grandma would have too many questions for me to explain and I just don't think she'd get it when I said, "To infinity...and beyond!" (cue superhero theme music)
I actually love this shot. But it's the back of Jeep's and my head with no kids to show for it. My Aunt Edie would see this photo and say, "What a thoughtful gesture. A post card from Allie's hometown."
Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!

I love this photo.It came down to the top three pics and we had to go with another (which will be revealed in December--a nice one for the Grandma's and an artsy one for all our post-modern friends). I love how Jeep is surrounded by his girls in one of his favourite spots. My love is one amazing and handsome man. sigh.


Amy said...

Oh HOlly...these are amazing. I almost feel as though I'm right there watching you guys from the sides.
Love love love theM!

Jenny said...

holls, love the pics! Your photographer is awesome, which I can say with some authority, hehehe. so am I one of the more post-modern freinds? guess we'll find out...

Anonymous said...

those pics made me laugh and also brought back fond memories of a few weeks ago playing in that very park. i miss you my chosen special family. love chesed & her mom.

Brambleberry said...

What a lovely family. So fun to read the captions below!

Tamatha said...

aaaawwww....such kewl shots!!:o)
So glad you posted them:o)

Shari said...

What a wonderful family you have - blessings on your household... in every aspect!!